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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker Oct 8, 2012 6:21 PM Flag

    Check out your Bollinger bands friends -- WAY OVERSOLD

    Riot to hear the S&P "technical analyst" suggest a no big deal potential pullback to $580. Beyond utter lack of competence, he apparently doesn't understand Day 1 of a technical analysis seminar.

    prepare for the mimiPad news this week -- najarian has it right; that is the next catalyst for a rocket launch here. As for the iPhone 5 production? They will get all they need sourced for 4Q to hit 50m units -- count on it. And as for 3Q? Remember that the target date for IPhone 5 was january 2013... they are a full 3+ months ahead of the revenue projections used to develop the $900-1111 price targets issued just two months ago.


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    • Just simply hilarious to revisit this know-it-all over and over. LOLOLOL.

    • Romney Has Empowered Women: Obama a Desperate Arrogant Attack Dog Want to Scare Women -Wow - Mr. President Please Wait for Halloween
      By democrat_ladies . 46 minutes ago . Permalink
      How Romney has empowered women
      By Jane Edmonds, Special to CNN
      updated 2:25 PM EDT, Wed October 24, 2012

      Editor's note: Jane Edmonds served as a member of Gov. Mitt Romney's cabinet and as head of the Department of Workforce Development in Massachusetts. She also was an appointee of Gov. Michael S. Dukakis and served as chair of the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD), the civil rights law enforcement agency for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. She is a surrogate for Mitt Romney's presidential campaign.

      (CNN) -- "Baby, law isn't a good profession for girls," my father told me.

      "Stay with music, dear, that is what you and your people do so well," my high school dean said.

      I was 16, and asking them the most important question of my life: Will you tell me how to become a lawyer?

      My dad was a product of the segregated South. Orphaned at the age of 12, he pulled himself up by his bootstraps. After leaving Georgia for Washington, where he lived with a relative, he attended an integrated school, Dunbar High. Eventually, he earned his way into Syracuse University, where he was one of the first black men to graduate. In spite of his achievements, he and our family faced discrimination. Nevertheless, he kept his sense of humor, and worked hard to be a good provider.

      My father's message was loving and protective. He didn't want to see me hurt.

      My dean's message was scornful and discriminatory. She took a sledgehammer to my dreams, and when I left her office that day, I was crushed and fighting tears. I couldn't understand her answer.

      I wanted to go to a good college, attend a respected law school and advocate for people needing help and craving justice. I refused to abandon these high hopes.

      Opinion: Does Romney 'get' women who work?

      And I didn't. I followed my dreams and went to law school. More than 40 years later, I became one of the 10 women named to top policy-making posts in the early months of Gov. Mitt Romney's administration in Massachusetts. There, I headed up the Department of Workforce Development. During Gov. Romney's tenure, our state led the nation in terms of the ratio of women holding top spots in the administration, and to this day, that's something about which I am incredibly proud to have been a part of.

      And so, as I've heard criticism about Gov. Romney's admirable record of recruiting women to serve in his administration, I feel compelled to speak out about the Mitt Romney I know.

      I remember meeting him for the first time. I was struck by his authenticity, and over the years that I worked with him, I saw the accuracy of my first impression. Gov. Romney's overriding commitment was not to self-promotion -- as is so often the case for politicians -- but for the people he served, and the people he served with. He believes in empowering women. I would know, because I was one of those women he recruited and respected.

      Opinion: Romney's empty 'binders full of women'

      Today, there are more than 5 million women around this country -- mothers, daughters, breadwinners -- who are unemployed. They are not only robbed of their dignity and their self-respect; they are also robbed of the results of decades of hard work. More women are in poverty -- 25.7 million -- than at any time in our nation's history.

      And for too many young people, the doors of opportunity remain closed shut by these tough economic circumstances. Half of recent college graduates are either jobless or underemployed. The cost of college has continued to rise in the last four years and student loan debt stands at record levels.

      When Mitt Romney was governor, he worked with a legislature that was 87% Democratic to get things done. And to me, that really meant something: I consider myself a liberal Democrat. For him, it wasn't about who you were, it was about the quality of your ideas. That's how he improved the economy and balanced the budget, but that's not all he accomplished. Gov. Romney also initiated the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship to cover the cost of college at public institutions of higher education in the state for deserving high school students based on academic merit.

      During his time as governor, Massachusetts maintained its schools' ranking as first in the nation.

      Opportunity. Empowerment. That's what Mitt Romney has stood for while in politics and in business, and that's what matters to women. In government, he created opportunities for young people to attend college. In business, he took a chance on people to allow their dreams to flourish into realities.

      I've been able to rise in life because of people who see the world this way. Looking back, I'm grateful to those who believe that education is a civil right and that the dreams of all should be encouraged and cultivated. And that's precisely why I'm supporting Mitt Romney.

    • +$5 yesterday , -$13 today. Nice Bollinger Band call. I guess the +$5 resolved the oversold condition, huh ? I see your "well before thanksgiving" call is sliding a little to be rephrased like well maybe end of year in other posts. You were so quick to jump on the boards yesterday and brag about the $5 bump, I don't see that same spirit today.

    • Cool replies by many here. If you want to grip what i said on the first post and the one comparing the CMG story to aapl, the key point is that technical analysis is backward looking at behavior in response to market events and fundamentals over time. AAPL is a unique storu, one of the all time great franchise and growth stories.

      We were calling out the bottom just as the overconfident and overzealous short dweebs and hedge fund pm on the short side were impaling themselves.

      See you all at $750 within a few weeks -- and certainly before EOY.

    • Hilarious, what time frame and what Bollinger Band criteria,??

      See you at 520

    • oversold can get even more oversold. u should know that

      • 1 Reply to eits_aapl
      • this guy and snb778 at least had thoughtful replies indicating they know a little about it... but AAPL remains oversold and when you look at a weekly chart eoy, this will merely be the first bounce off the 10w EMA after a base count reset following the drop last quarter.

        For those interested, we are looking for AT LEAST $800 BEFORE EOY 2013.

        More exciting upsides (but speculative pieces only are FIO -- target is $25 this month and New Highs by EOY 2012, and GMCR. Einhorn is a gimper this year on GMCR, about to get handed his gnads.

    • still below 50day MA, and not at 100day MA yet... also broke below the 640 level it resisted on the run-up to 700. MacD on weekly chart is heading down

    • brad_wilkinson Oct 8, 2012 6:50 PM Flag

      Great post... Stick around more often...

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      • We are here Brad... so is my co PM jlbhgb

        See our posts here, on FIO (since $18 and still a screaming buy), GMCR (screaming buy right now), the airlines, PCLN (long last two years, 75% hedged neutral now), GS (just sold out of 4th round trip since 2009) , BAC, MPEL/MGM/LVS (many round trips), qcor (long after drop for a day), and TPX (shorted early above $52, covered at $21 and long since for the run back to $50 (f12m) .

        Simply, we are right and big green #$%$ more than we shut down small losses. Do some study and have fun running with the band...

    • are u for real pumpy this pos is signaling 580-500 and u think 750 common man get real

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      • S&P hires guys like you. Cluesless, but opinionated. In a vacuum, $621 and 579 have points of interest, but this stock hasn't traded on technicals since around $240/share. The S&P twit mentioned the $580 level like it was no big deal, but the pm scooping up all the shares seen since $570 are just laughing hoping to get all they can while it drops $3 on 6k shares traded by a goffy algorithm.

        Your $500 suggestion is just plain imbecilic. Care to give us your "technical analysis" rationale for that? ROFLOL

        btw, I am not a common man. LOL

    • Those #$%$ sure helped CMG, 400 to 280. LOL

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      • any more brilliant comments today dc314? LOL

      • CMG? No fundamentals to support that trading at THREE times the nearest ebitda multiple in its sector! 45x earnings and 28x FCF was a F joke! They also went from 12% same store comps to 3% and guided for more of that! They also have experienced a dramatic ramp in production costs. Finally, the chop house food sucks -- so much for current footprint times two! You may also have noticed that CMG is a bust so far in the EU? Any more questions about why CMG pulled back to just twice the group multiples? LOL So you see, it may have looked oversold on MACD, MF and Bollinger bands and other momentum indicators, but the problem for CMG was MASSIVE overvaluation on FUNDAMENTALS.

        Now let's get back to AAPL. On fundamentals, there is no comparable discount relative to the cheap valuation, stunningly great new products (more coming), easy fixes to initial shakeout issues on the iphone 5, mimPad on the doorstep, etc... read what I said has caused the drop over the last 10 trading days... and then you may begin to understand why this powerful story of the decade is about to crush out the shorts who think this is easy money down from here.

        SEE you at $750 in a few weeks latest.

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