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  • israelmichel Oct 9, 2012 12:54 AM Flag

    This insane the mashabal picturewre taken 2 weeks ago yet only yesterday CNBC found about it that is pathetic

    If they were a profetional network they would have invite a photographer to explain if there is a problem,but they are amatures.The map problem is being taken care off so no negative b***s to say about AAPL all of a sudden some pulls a 2 week photo that clearly has no effect on AAPL sales and show it on CNBC. If they were unbiased they will see that the photo was taken from a different angle.You can see in the picture that there is a table between the trees at 4S it is more hided you almost cant see the table while in the angle the iPhone 5 was taken you can see the all table and you can see the angle to the sun is different more looks into the sun and you get this purple everytime you point a camera in front of a strong light source.
    CNBC are on a missioin to heart AAPL no one realy knows why but there is negative bias when it comes to AAPL you here nothing about other phones problems just AAPL.
    That is pathetic and someone needs to check what is behind that? If they can employ Cramer after is interview to Stewart than Im not supprise to see them afraid of AAPL.How can a profetional TV network can give this guy a job after he explained how easy it to manipulate AAPL he should have been thrown out after this and after him rec bear stearns 2 day before going under.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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