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  • escapegrl1 escapegrl1 Oct 11, 2012 11:38 PM Flag

    Mini delay 'rumor'

    How much is this rumor going to cost us tomorrow? Boy they can spin things any way they want. First there was the rumor that invites were coming out the 10th (complete rumor) and when it didn't come into fruition it will be spun into a delay which we don't really know if it's really a delay or not. Maybe anohter date was planned all along.


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    • Apple needs to bring in the guy who was in PC vs MAC commercials to make announcements and other presentations. Or someone with a catchy pleasant personality. I don't think Cook is fit, since he used to be #2 unitl now on stage - thus a reminder of a change. And, Apple needs someone with a strategical announcements and product implementation plans more often. So many different products - why are they being stuck on iPhone and iPad only? Why not implement the mini compujter in some creative ways, have a software team showing some cool apps, etc. With so much competition, it is understandable to be quiet lipped, but nothing sells without keeping products readily visible. Even a small intro to some implementation in various industries' ideas would spur the interest and anticipation, whether it is a controller for medicine/robotics, automotive, etc. The plant a seed about something and wait for only that something to be announced is becoming so monotonous. Or just don't say or brag anything about something cool coming-up and then surprise us all. That's how their were born anyways with MAC-JR's and Lisas, etc., etc., etc. Nothing appears to be all that hidden behind Apple's sleeves anymore - feels too rigid, robotically cold and gives the critics plenty of time in trying to derail, since they must feel rather cranky in anticipation themselves.

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    • Apple would prefer to sell only the high end tablets as they are more profitable. Apple would be ok with letting the competition have the low end tablet market ... just like their strategy in the high end smartphone market. The iPad mini is obviously an admission by Apple that their high end iPad sales are slowing down and competition is forcing them complete at the less profitable end to capture more market share. The iPad mini along with the non-differentiating iPhone 5 will lead to the downfall of Apple. Time to short Apple.

    • Is it possible that Apple is doing a redesign of the iPad Mini in view of the recent new 7" tablets, especially the new Nook HD?

      I am sure the iPad Mini is going to be the best tablet for it's size. But are consumers going to pay for the best tablet if they are just going to use it mainly as a portable device and only need reasonably good performance rather than the best performance, especially if they could achieve this at half the price? Another reason users may opt for a cheaper tablet is because portable tablets would be more prone to damage and theft.

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      • israelmichel Oct 12, 2012 3:31 AM Flag

        are you joking? at this point redesign? The "rumor " says delayed from Sep to Oct not till next year what is it you dont understand it is written in plane English. Sep to Oct well we are in Oct and I bet the CC was delayed from Tur as usual to thursday because maybe they will anounce the iPad mini at Tuesday just befrore Thursday earnings -will see

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    • Its our fault for believing the rumors. I would not be surprised if they had to delay invites till tomorrow or next Monday. But that would be hard to start selling the device so close to earnings release. If so that would make it last week of month.

    • Rumors rumors and f'in rumors. They have run out of excuses to further dump AAPL.

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      • Well the new one is that the mini is delayed. lol How about we STOP reporting RUMORS as NEWS that MOVES stocks and ONLY report FACTS? How about that? Thing is it'll be on WSJ, Barrons, IBD and all these supposedly reputable publications as facts and people beleve it is fact and trade accordingly. THe markets are more and more rigged.

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