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  • bimmy.beoris bimmy.beoris Oct 20, 2012 10:21 PM Flag

    Here's why Samsung is a problem for AAPL

    AAPL did not make enough of the new iPhones. They are too hard to get. And then Samsung introduced the Galaxy S III. It's a very good piece of equipment. Bigger screen than Apple. Not as bright. Better screen dimensions. So, a lot of Samsung units are being sold to the AAPL customers who don't want to wait. In short, Samsung ate a hole in Apple. Not good.

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    • Galaxy is junk compared to an iphone. Very expensive at $389 when its worth $99 max

    • Samdung is actually a gift to Apple - keeps the global fair trade/anti-monopoly police off their back while racking in BILLIONS in profit...similar reasoning that led MS to rescue Apple in the 90's...

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    • scropos21 Oct 21, 2012 12:11 AM Flag

      The iPhone 5 still has a 3-4 week wait, blowing a hole in the original poster's theory. If peoe wanted an S III, they would, and the iPhone opulent have a worldwide waiting list. Samsung will probably ultimately sell 50 million S III's. apple will sell 250-275 million iPhone 5's. and Apple makes more money per phone. A lot more.

    • Good point

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      • Logical, but dead wrong. Every scientific study of how the iPhone shortage is impacting the decision to buy the iPhone has CLEARLY demonstrated, BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT, that the delay, maps, purple, blah, blah, blah has NOTHING to do with switching to a Galaxy. People are actually MORE intrigued by something they have to wait to get (psy 101: "hard to get" that sort of process). Samsung's problem is that it is a patent thief and, because it is a Korean company, is despised in ALL OF CHINA....ALL OF CHINA !

        If I ran a hedge fund and was chomping at the bit to buy some Apple, wouldn't it be great to slam it down by scaring the sheeple and wetting the appetite of a few shorts? Once depressed to fire sale price I jump in and BANG, I buy, buy, buy.

        Wait and see, wait and learn

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