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  • garyj_2000 garyj_2000 Oct 25, 2012 11:30 PM Flag

    This is Truly Amazing

    I have been holding this stock for about six years. The entire time this board has been filled with people calling for the demise of Apple. I mean, when it hit $100, people were saying it was going to $10.

    And now, after a quarter that literally every single company on this planet of ours would kill for, I mean absolutely kill for, there are more people than ever saying the company is dead. Clearly people are extremely afraid and realize they were 100% wrong. The company is alive, thriving and continues to knock the living snot out of every competitor in its path. It is perhaps the greatest product company to ever exist.

    Do one thing tomorrow, go to an Apple store. In fact go to five. Then go to every other retail store in your area. After you wade through the masses of people buying everything Apple, perhaps you will realize this company is extraordinary. Just plain extraordinary.

    I was in three Apple stores in New York today. I just needed to buy a new iPhone cover. I literally could not get to the wall of phone covers, it was at least three people deep in front of every single product in the store. It was like Black Friday! I was blown away.

    This company is for dreamers and achievers. If you are neither, you will never, ever get it. I suggest you save your money, put it in your local bank and be satisfied with your less than one percent interest.

    Rock on Apple!

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    • the best post of the year

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Who cares if the Apple stores are full of people, double edge sword... Company making to much money to up...

    • I get it! This co. is an enigma and all others are only follows (Samdung, Google copying iOS, MS now trying to be young and hip)!!!

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    • APPL total revenue exceeded the total revenue of Goole, micro soft and face book. But really GOD was generous when he created idiots a lot of them are on this board. AAPL is going to 1,000 just watch.

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    • You are casting pearls to swine. This board is an offshoot of Comcast/CNBC. Both entities HATE apple and have encouraged short monkey's to bombard this board. This immature and pathetic psy-op will not work, hasn't worked and will never work BECAUSE too much money to be made by investing long in Apple. The board is useless. I seldom post as is true with all of the former posters who had and used their brains. This board used to be replete with thoughtful commentary and data. We are now all gone, and you will go too, once you have had enough of shills, pimps, sycophants and idiots.

    • Actually, I feel more confident about Apple's stock long-term so long as there are so many bashers. If everyone was in agreement, that means that there are no more buyers out there. Some negativity is a good thing for the performance of a stung.

      Analogize to the mortgage loan crisis. When everyone and their non-working brother could get a "liar's loan," we should have realized that the housing market had no place to go but down. There was no one left to jack up prices and buy.

    • "This company is for dreamers and achievers." ....amd crackheads.

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    • The absolute best post I've read all year! Way to go, and I completely agree with you!

    • dont_delay_indict_now dont_delay_indict_now Oct 25, 2012 11:37 PM Flag

      100% wrong? Lets see. its down about 100 bucks right now. AAPL missed earnings. Yah, Remember, it was down in AH. it crossed 200 DMA. and OF COURSE support was going to kickin. I wouldn't go counting my chickens yet. No trend has been broken. futures for markets look horrible right now. The only thing saving this market from a meltdown is the bernanke put. I wouldn't count on marching up to 1000pps yet. 4 straight quarters of lower EPS. HUGE competition in the marketplace. Samsung sold some 50 million phones last quarter. 3 years ago that was 100% iphone. Remember, its all about growth. Granted, i'll give you that AAPL continues to grow its earnings. But, not at the pace it was. Much of what AAPL is selling this next quarter is all baked in. Do you think the 35% rise in PPS was justified by yesterday's earnings? Really? Parabolic rise is not healthy for ANY stock. Especially one on light volume. All I can say is be cautious.

    • You are a clown. Heres why:

      1: They are not "knocking the snot" out of everyone. Check out Samsungs recent earnings. Thats on the back of their smartphone sales. Growing faster than apple.

      2: Their stores have been packed for years. Thats what happens when there is only one or two stores per major city. Also, they were packed at $300 a share. That doesnt mean a packed store justifies a ridiculous $600 a share valuation.

      3: Apple has missed expectations in 3 of last 5 quarters. Growth is slowing.

      4: There is a global backlash to apple and their products.

      In conclusion: You have been schooled.

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      • The only way Samsung is growing faster than AAPl is in % and in Malaysia and SOuth Korea. That will NOT (repeat: Will NOT) add up to a better product or a bigger warchest.

        And Apple's product pipeline, ingenuity and cash will crush Samsung. No one cares about Samsung except Apple bashers and people that only price shop.

        Go to an Apple store between November 20 and December 24 and see how long you will wait.

        700 is just a matter of time again.

        You HAVE BEEN schooled.

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      • Schooled. Child please.
        1.) The past quarter was a major release quarter for Samsung versus Apple. Yet, with a year old phone, Apple still posted incredible revenue figures and unit figures. Let's see how Samsung measures up heading into the holidays.

        2.) Your point about 1 or 2 stores in each major city is 100% false. I can count numerous stores in NYC where I live, and numerous stores in the NJ metro area where I live. Those stores equal out to just as many Banana Republic, Best Buys, or Home Depots. Wrong.

        3.) Yes, we have missed 3 of 5 quarters. Because the sell-side cannot get it right. Missing by 20 cents on $8.60 earnings is not a miss, like 20 cents on 1 dollar earnings. Next

        4.) The comment about valuation is a complete joke. Valuation is based on earnings, multiples, debt, cash flow etc. Not stock price you wingnut. They can split the stock to $80 tomorrow, and what would your argument be trading 13x earnings.

        5.) Global backlash? Their is mayhem brewing in China to get into their stores. Riots. Global backlash? Is foxconn only producing Apple products? No. Dell, HP, etc all use foxconn.

        Your points are weak to begin with. The fact you actually used the term "schooled" is even more comical.

      • Schooled? That's all you got? lol.....................

      • As long as the stores are packed...this stock goes in one direction...up...get used to it...and any other company would love to "miss" the way apple does; friggin one...but no one waits for a Samsung phone, which courts time and again are showing to be a mere ripoff...the galaxy is gigantic and weighs about 14

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      • "schooled"....funny. What are you 12 yrs old?

        Have you ever heard of something called a PE ratio? It's only been governing stock prices for decades. Apples TTM PE at $600 is 13.5 as of tomorrow. If it should just stay at 600 in 3 months the PE is less than 12.........without backing out cash. are 100% correct. $600 PPS is RIDICULOUS, just not in the way you see it!.

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      • hey musichead, you are f**** stupid a****

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