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  • kropy2002 kropy2002 Oct 30, 2012 9:42 AM Flag




    This topic is deleted.
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    • probly not an easy call as he was a major contributor for a long time but if the negatives started to outweigh, then the proper choice.

      regardless, the issue now is will the gap be adequately filled and will apple be able to continue pumping out differentiated and inspiring products?

    • This is, IMO, a HUGE WIN for people that actually use Apple products. The quality control lately has been very poor. Maps was beta (at best), flare issue with iPhone 5, delays in the new iMacs / iPads (mid-November shipping). I think the storage limitations and price increase for the iMacs is a big mistake. The UI on Contacts, Calendar, etc. are HORRIBLE. Apple wouldn't release a replacement iPhone to my daughter when I was out of town. They are still acting like Willy Wonka when there are lots of competitors in the market. iOS is no longer a Golden Ticket.

      Apple products need to "just work" - the current Homer Simpson UI design path is not the direction Jobs would want.

      Here is the good news: Windows 8 is going to be, I bet, a massive failure for M$FT. I can't see how the enterprise is going to accept Metro sucking down bandwidth, causing unbelievable confusion, is ugly, and has privacy issues (e.g., ads for Adultfriendfinder or Viagra ads) pop up on your home screen in front of co-workers, your kids or wifey poo.


      Cook wise.

    • Most exceedingly brillant people have some quirks and he apparently alienated a lot of people. Apple should have given him a three month sabbatical and a strong warning but kept his brillance. It is Apples loss for not adjusting adapting and overcoming his quirks as he has done an exceptional job over a long period of time.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • nope, he was a problem, power grabber, now he is gone and the rest can get back to work.

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