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  • ihateoptions ihateoptions Oct 30, 2012 10:40 AM Flag

    I don't know how you other longs feel, but

    I'm getting sick and tired of nothing but negativity coming out of the Apple Forum! Focus should be on mini-ipad sales and the overall growth story rather than on this crapola re management changes, Foxconn, Samsung, supply probs, etc. I mean Apple is the most profitable company EVER and probably the most undervalued tech company EVER, yet we see the stock getting hammered lately day after day without merit while some overboated pig like AMZN sees its shares soaring! Even the analysts seem to be badgering Apple on minimal reduction of margins while they are experiencing several new product rollouts! What gives???? Apple should be well over $700 by now especially ahead of holidays! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr! Thank you. Just had to vent!

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    • If AAPL is too zigzag, unpredicatble, simply don't trade AAPL for few months, until it stop zigzag. Trade some other stock that is less zigzag or stay dry and wait. Make sense right ?

    • I totally agree with your statement about being tired of all the negativity. I also agree the share price should be higher than it is now. When the shares were over 700 I think the buying interest started running out of gas and the naysayers and bashers starting using small issues like maps and scratches to scare people out of their shares. This seems to happen often after a big run up. The pain I feel is about over and soon greed will kick in and send the shares higher. We shall see soon enough.

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      • You have to look at apple and the history of what the stock has done in the past. We have hit bumps in the road only to rebound better than ever. Even at the levels we are at right now the stock has made huge gains for many investors in the past 12 months. It stands to reason that some believe the critics and just decide to take profits and move on. This has been the case in the past and will happen in the future. No matter what spin you put on it the fundamentals exist that apple is a darn good company that is making products that people need and want. Their sales and profits continue to go up and so does their cash reserves. They started paying a dividend and I would expect that to be increased in the near future. I know it is so very hard to watch a stock peak and then drop. But that is the nature of the markets in general. But it is good to know that if you are invested long term with a company that the fundamentals are in place and in the long term it has only room to move up.

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    • Agree, place these bashers on ignore, they are either shils or are short 5 shares.

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    • Apple already hit $700/share and if you did not recognize the opportunity to sell at that price, do not blame this board for your emotional connection to any given stock. You never marry a position and you certainly do not listen to anyone as far as when to buy and when to sell, especially when they pay nothing to access this or any other forum. There are times to go long and there are times to go short, one needs to learn the skills how to do both. Any person that is successful in trading, knows that a consistent trading strategy needs to be followed, at a minimum, you need to know what your entry point is, you need to know when to take profits off the table, and you need to know what your tolerance for risk is if your trade goes against you. Apple doesnt care if you make money or lose money, its just a symbol that will either make you money, lose money, or break even. Never put your money up for risk with any emotions tied to it.

    • biggest orchestrated bear raid in recent memory... everyone taking shots at the "pink lady"..
      the pain is now over 5 weeks old... apple needs a BIG catalyst to switch sentiment... like a breaking news "china mobile onboard" or "apple TV new rumors"... something... or the pain continues

    • You must not know how the market works. When we post negative things about a stock we want to buy cheap. We want everyone to short the stock then when we start to buy the shares will go up big times. The shorts will have to cover and that take the shares up also. I like the negative things about apple becausem it mean I can buy the stock at a discount.

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      • You must not know how Raystock works. He is a liar and a pretend trader, having already lost everything in the market. When a stock goes down such as aapl has Raystock will post numerous alleged buys of the stock at various price points during the decline. If the stock bounces up he will claim to have sold at a profit. If the stock declines further he will never mention the previous buys again and post new buys at the lower price. No matter what price he posts his imaginary buy at Raystock will always call the price cheap and always claim to have somehow made money.

        Go to the qid, caas, watg, vale, or rimm message boards to tally his losses and you will find that if his trades were real he would be in more debt than Greece is in.

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