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  • cramerstrophywife cramerstrophywife Nov 1, 2012 3:40 PM Flag

    seriously what will it take to turn this around?

    will we see more of the same until the next earnings call in January?

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    • When Cramer stop saying Sell Sell Sell Sell..........&^#$%^&*

    • More buyers than sellers....and a big fat "short squeeze."

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Typical cyclical pattern for Apple correcting 15-20% and then running 35% up to earnings. I also tried the Galaxy S3 and like my iPhone 5 much better...same with tablets...the iPad rules...going to buy an iPad mini in couple of weeks or so when the lines die down.

      You see Apple has 5% of the world tablet and cell phone markets...or at least the markets as they will be say in 2015....and realistically I think Apple will have 25% in we could be selling 5 times the number of phones and tablets in 3 years....not sure if the stock price will go up 5 times in size..but mostly like we will triple and still with a ridiculously low PE of 15 or so. Even MicroSoft has a PE higher than Apple today and I really don't think their growth prospects are even close to that of Apple's.

      See you all at $700 in 2-3 months. Maybe sooner! Remember 1 year ago Apple was at $363 in mid November...3 months later it was close to $600! Similar pattern...but we will be near $800 soon enough.

    • I preface by saying all of the below are possible.

      Improved supply ramp for the 5.
      Strong holiday push for mini.
      Clarity on a china push for the 5.
      Cash allocation clarity, either with divvy hike or special divvy.
      Broader market tailwind after election.
      Strong holiday earnings thereafter.

    • I've held for a long, long time and never regretted it. However, I have had some anxious moments at times like these. I try to look at what is tangible. Apple's products fly off the shelf. People don't mind paying a premium for them. The mobile market has a long way to go. That usually comforts me. Before mapgate there was antennagate. Before scratched iphones there were iphones that "blew"up. All important indicators are up (except opinions). I'm comfortable staying long. The next three months will provide stellar sales and profits. I don't believe for a minute that Apple has suddenly stopped innovating. Over the coming weeks the news will turn mostly positive from mostly negative. When the big money starts coming back into the stock, it will run again.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Apple is really sluggish right now. I think it needs a surprise catalyst to get it moving. Something like China Mobile. A real kick in the butt.

    • Time heals most wounds, and it shall heal AAPL too! Next revenue update will provide the catalyst to move AAPL up 10%.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Wall street is dumb as dirt. Look at the NFLX increase yesterday. I tell you this will turn around tomorrow when people start showing off their new iPad Mini's. Same old story, stores will be full of people and more will buy. Their products are good and no one (including Google) can build a better OS for the platform. Anyone that buys an nexus 7 then trys the ipad will be very upset. Speaking from experience. Google't tablet OS is bad.

    • Cook's ouster
      Way beyond his depth
      Would you respect him in a meeting?
      AAPL staff doesn't

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      • That's completely untrue. Where did you get that information? Not once has Cook misled or misinformed the investment community. Plus he has a heart for the employees. I know many (well 6) AAPL employees in Cupertino and they respect Cook as a CEO. He's not Jobs but many of those same folks loved Jobs's genius but not his business acumen and were relieved when Tim took over (hand-picked by Steve who apparently knew his own limitations). Interestingly enough, they don't like Forstall's heavy handed style (similar to Jobs but without the genius) and they all, to the person, think Jony Ive walks on water.

      • what do you base this crap on - you sit in on Apple meetings now...?

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • always see this price action before the run up. This is the best company in the world, just all the foolish instruments of wallstreet creating this volatility. Hang in there, stop listening to the foolish analyst and so called experts...............THEY ARE ALL WORTHLESS

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