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  • chillbill262003 chillbill262003 Nov 3, 2012 10:38 AM Flag

    Too good of a company, for strait down price action...

    As a long, I've seen these momentum shifts on the positive side too. They are just not sustainable; a simple look at the chart suggests a low around 550 should be it. We are talking about a company forecasting for a 11.50 quarter! And that's sure to be conservative. The fact remains, this stock has a way of getting overbought and oversold. But facts are facts, 125 billion in cash, divvy paying, with 20 plus growth that deserves a higher multiple than 10 on a forward basis. With all that said, there are a few things I would love to see. First, where is the marketing push for mini and 5? Samsung is building some nice buzz. Anyone see the lebron commercial for samsung? That is the kind of stuff that gets kids buzzing. Second, we need more clarity from cook on supply issues. Better to be transparent than blinside people. It will also help the street to more affectively come to a consensus estimate. Third, china....let's do this! What is the hold up? Let's go! Fourth, cash allocation. Let's either raise the divvy or offer a special divvy. While a split will temporarily scorch the shorts, it's not a strong fundamental move by the company. Lastly, get some damn swagger back. You are apple, stop playing defense and get on the offense. Jobs was a marketing genius. This crew is not. Why so many damn iPod commercials and no mini or steady 5's. My opinion, they remain behind the supply 8 ball and do not want to heavily push a product they cannot bring to market. Supply is my single greatest concern. Get it strait boys!!!!

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