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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker Nov 8, 2012 12:23 PM Flag

    Gundlach: bond investor, pot smoker (in Cap Research offices), and watched porn there too (LOL)

    All as per national wire service stories... look him up.

    His $425 target? AAPL was making $3.50/share annually back then -- no iPads, and selling IPhone 3 then.

    Complete tool, and so are the CNBC gumpers for giving him any air time.

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    • He's a great bond investor and has interesting ideas otherwise. I think his other ideas are more to draw attention to himself so he can gather assets. He did say that nat gas was a long at $1.87 or whatnot.

    • tell THAT to his DBLxx investors

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      • He's not a "great" any kind of investor. Bill Gross is tyhe only bond king,regardless of Grundlach's self-promotion. You go tell his equity and bond investors whatever you want. He's a pompous player alright...

        In his real fund, he's investing heavily in fixed rate private label and agency MBS. Those who want to be in a "bond" fund earning an extra 38bps for a few quarters while getting locked into sub market performance for the follow on 28 years once debasing sets in should race to own his fund... gee, he could put it all in high yield bonds with a WAM of 10 years and an "extra" percent or two, also. Of course, though, anyone who understands the duration, interest rate, redemption and credit issues might want to seek a third party view.

        See, some here actually understand the business they are investing in... lol

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