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  • renovo06 renovo06 Nov 8, 2012 11:27 PM Flag


    Too bad for me. I went back to watching Mad Money. If left to my own reasoning, I would have sold my AAPL shares at 700. BUT Cramer said on several episodes "Don't sell AAPL, just own it". He kept saying "don't sell", as if he knew there was big news ahead. Now I am back to where I was and missed a 15K profit that would have paid for my new furnace and other expenses. Just today he said he had been trimming his AAPL. Did I miss some episodes where he DID say sell? I watch because I tend to think he is honest about trading trends, but honestly I seem to lose when I listen to anybody on TV. I need to do my own thing, but it is hard to watch any of the CNBC programming to glean info but never actually ACT on anything they say. Whine whine #$%$.

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    • Cramer is a good salesman and keeps saying he is 67 years old.
      Truth is he is 58, bald, cheap and a despicable savvy you-know-what.

      His only true love was for his deceased mother and nothing else.
      His law license in New York has been suspended and he feels he
      knows more than anyone else in the universe.

    • CNBC is not a news agency, It's an informercial channel .

      How many of us have been duped to buy a junky product watching an informercial program?.
      I am sure millions every day!.

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    • glittergates Feb 1, 2013 1:42 AM Flag

      Well did you ever sell ?

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      • No, glittergates, I never did sell my AAPL shares. Actually picked up some more around $500. I don't expect to LOSE money on this. I stop myself anytime I even think of watching Cramer or Fast Money. They try to get you to buy when they want to sell. Actually I think
        the Public Broadcasting radio shows often give out better market insight through their interviews. I also like Fortune magazine.

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    • Your first mistake was thinking Cramer is honest...he was saying buy at $700.00 and he is saying sell at $550.00...sooo, logic says do the opposite of what Cramer says and you'll probably make money...

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    • He mentioned he sold Almost ALL of his shares in his trust! Held a few just in case something unexpected happens he said. Thinks it's going down and is dead money
      What an as hol.....

    • I used to watch him consistently for 'ideas' for 'further research', but got burned or close to it and realized to only peek in occasionally. As soon as the Lightening Round bored me, mostly due to ridiculousness, I realized he was about 100% contra-indicating. He talks so damn fast, people think he's smart, when he's just snowing everyone. I'm thinking of creating an Inverse Cramer Fund that shorts all his Buys. He's clueless - if you want to make money. He's like (slightly worse) than Value Line - good anecdotal information about the company, but ridiculous projections of bullish behavior, the markets don't work like that. Value Line had fat projected gains on everything I looked at, which later fell apart.

    • Read reminesesnces of a stock operator at least 4X, how to make money in stocks, the intellegent investor, watch cnbc on mute only "It doesn't matter what people say, only what the stocks do" Jessie Livermore - 1923

      Cramer is a manipulating criminal, either that or he is just plain stupid, and as he has a harvard law degree I think we can rule out stupid.

      People talk there book all the time.

      I went long CLF and AAPL today, great FA and TA, I have no problem selling for a quick pop either.

    • If you watch him awhile you'll come to understand that he is totally momentum based - try and guess which way he'll go in his lightening rounds...simple, just look at the chart - up and to the right (buy), down and to the right (sell). It's as simple as that. He tries to justify his calls with fundamentals that back up the stock's recent move, but that's meaningless filler. From today's show you come away with - Buy Popeye's chicken and Henry Schein, sell Apple. Now that's investing...LOL.

      WRT Apple - imo, and it's just that, one has to be nuts to be selling out of a company growing at 20% yoy and priced at about 5.3x next year's free cash flow (ex cash on the balance sheet). They don't come much cheaper than this. Funny how market sentiment changes based on a 20% move off of all time highs.

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    • You got owned by Cramer!!! Follow your instinct and don't listen to these #$%$.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Lesson 1 in stock investing: Do your own Due Diligence. Don't believe ANYONE at their word. Especially analysts who would be too rich to waste time analyzing if they were "that" good.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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