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  • brandnerjoshua brandnerjoshua Nov 9, 2012 4:35 PM Flag

    Honest Opinion..$595-$600 by Jan 13?

    I am a new AAPL trader but have made profit on every trade. I am also new to options and made a mistake when I thought my order was filled so I was no longer in my position. I logged in the next day to see that I actually had 5 contracts left in which 3 are $595 Jan, 13 and 2 are $600 Jan, 13. Both were around $30 bucks. Unfortunately that next day was the beginning of the slaughter that has lasted until today. Overall, I have made about 10 trades and 3 option plays on AAPL and all have been profitable except one short where I lost about 80 bucks. I am a day trader-short term trader meaning I usually dont like to stay in a position for more than 3 days. I have about 15 stocks that I play and will usually drop or add a few each year after the times change and fundamentals on stocks change. AAPL was just added to that list and broke my rule because of greed I tried to stretch one more play in after I had made some good profits on it but I knew not to play anything before the election (unless you were going to short coal (ANR was the play, 1 day 5K easy)the day before the election and buy gold). Anyways, if my options didnt expire before the quarterly results I would have no doubt that this is going to get back to 600 but it expires a few days before. I think there are a few things that could make this stock go up pretty big but I also see a few factors calling it to go lower. I am looking for educated opinions from both long and shorts. Would you go ahead and get out taking about an 7K loss or do you see this stock at least getting in the 580s within the next 30-45 days? I have been a long time member of yahoo finance so I know we are going to get some ridiculous posts but I do thank those in advance who take the time to give some advice/opinions.

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