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  • brad_wilkinson Nov 9, 2012 6:06 PM Flag

    More Cramer insanity? Two weeks ago he called apples earning report GOOD.. This morning he called it horrendous..

    Word for word... What an nutter..

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    • How can anyone who purports himself to be a credible market commentator say that Apples earnings were horrendous. 95% of the market would die for numbers like Apple's. Just goes to show this market for what it is... Total Farce, if you base your strategy on fundamentals. Compare Apple with Amazon... I rest my case.
      Funny now after an up day, all the headlines are bullish, instead of yesterday when they were all bearish. Yep the world of Apple is now ok from yesterday. This is so blatent its either criminal manipulation, or inept analysis... Either way, you make your own judgement, but for me the fundamentals should be the reason for investing, not what some numpty on TV who appears to have market moving powers, suggests. But then, if you want to play the game, you need to know the rules.

    • I know what you mean the guy is sick

    • Cramer's lost all credibility.

    • Something si going with him, I think he is taking drugs. hi is different.


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    • aragre Nov 10, 2012 3:49 AM Flag

      He has gone from crazy paid manipulator to a #$%$ paid manipulator.

    • Most children grow up being rewarded for being honest and fair
      and punished for being the opposite
      and they continue to view the world as though it operates with these principles as the guiding force
      that is, thinking that the golden rule is what is ultimately driving the behavior especially if it is open and public and available for scrutiny,
      and most of think, in some deeply embedded way, that we have some sort of written and unwritten responsibility to uphold this ideal principle.
      but this just isn`t true, it`s not the way the real adult world works, especially when it comes to the money business
      it about getting the edge and winning--whether it`s dollars or ratings.
      powerful groups have their own standards of morality (behavior, MO) which is reinforced within its members
      be it a church, a school, a band of gypsies, a street gang, a tech company, an investment bank, a gov`t agency--the rules of the game and what is "acceptable" behavior are stretched to whatever limits the group will tolerate and can get away with--and of course groups support other groups etc. etc.
      the idea is simple, the dynamics of how it gets played out can get very complex--i.e. ethical, legal, law, regulation, enforcement etc.
      if your group is big and strong enough, you get a high level of immunity to the rule of law,
      this is nothing new, it goes all the way back to hunter/gatherers times

      but the point is this: cramer (and people) like him is playing the game the best he knows how--and playing it well-- and his conscience doesn`t suffer one bit--not because he doesn`t have one, but because within his "group" his "gang", his "profession", his "field" this behavior is not only acceptable, but admired, reinforced and considered clever.

      Fighting the professionals on the inside track at their own game is useless.
      Thinking that "justice" will suddenly be brought to any of this is pointless.
      Like elle_cid99 is saying here, if you want to use any of the info you are getting on TV--especially from someone like Cramer--you have to learn how to decipher it and good luck with that--because one day it might be straight up, the next a head fake, the next a sucker and fade out, it`s not just either or.

      This is their game, they are smart people, they have huge support from many different directions, and they have years of hands on experience. They play it based on knowing how it really works. The game hasn`t changed other than the fact that an even better science has been made out of it and mathematicians and statisticians have been courted for hire at handsome payoffs.

      What also hasn`t changed is the "outsider`s" indignation toward the circus charade or their morbid and perverse thrill at being suckered in.

      We are all trying to make money in this market. This is the game we willfully play.
      It IS playing with fire! What I am learning (after about 9 months of playing) is that it takes a lot more time than I thought it would to handle this fire with care.
      We are all complicit in some way--some more consciously than others...

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      • Aaplboost: great post.
        Ive been playing the game since 1975 and keep learning the same thing over and over.
        There is a 4 year presidential cycle (more or less).
        So we are long overdue for a bear market.
        This past 7 weeks drop was just a warning shot.
        Highly unlikely well get 8 down weeks, no matter how bad the news.
        I also learned that i cant predict the market within a time frame shorter than 3 months.
        Stay away from options, although buying puts in a bear market might be the exception to the rule.
        For every buyer there must be a seller, which is why going contrary to Cramer often works.

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