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  • davidmarshall239 davidmarshall239 Nov 14, 2012 6:58 PM Flag

    Is anyone else really hurting?

    My head is totally spinning right now and I just feel like blowing my damm brains out. I feel the drop to this point is totally unpressidented and unwarranted. It looked like it wanted to go higher even as the President was talking, but again, it was dropped in the end because of other people's perceptions. cNBC has been doing this for there've years - Greece, Then all of Europe, then Spain, then the cliff last year...someone else's opinion runs the market and it seems like nothing is traded on fundamentals anymore. 100K on margin that I don't have. I haven't slept in a week and have lost about 10 pounds from not eating. I don't have any more money. Please don't vilify me for being stupid..Cramer and CNBC and all the analysts gave perfect stories, chart, analogies and reasons to buy. Tell my family I love them.

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    • Is this Cramer?

    • First of all, don't be selfish

      2. You're talking about 1 day of trading frusterating you with the "president" talking and how market reacts. If you're concerned about apple not being higher than it is now by EOY, then don't dig yourself a bigger hole. It's that simple. If you have to, sell your house, get an apt. Its not the end of the world, millions of other people live in them, Work your way back up. It will make you a stronger person in the end anyways

    • Can't get better if your dead. Being broke sucks, but its much better than being dead. Toss a beat or bang gf/wife and lay off yourself, you wouldn't be hard on somebody else who lost a bunch of money do don't be too hard on yourself.

    • whet pharts wrote this - same URL

    • obamasuxcockwithnegrolips obamasuxcockwithnegrolips Nov 19, 2012 9:16 PM Flag

      I wish I could have been here when you posted. I would have begged you to kill yourself. You are obviously ignorant.

    • Where do you stand now after all our help..
      You still alive dude?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • David, if you haven't done any harm to yourself already, please don't! I've been where you're at and it took me years to recover, but I did. YOU WILL RECOVER. In my opinion just hold onto what apple stock you can WITHOUT MARGIN, and you could recover in time. From my experience, please NEVER USE MARGIN. It equates to heroin.

      You too can call me if you want.I can post my email and you could contact me.

      Ireland's once richest man, was worth appox 6/7 billion dollars in 2007. Over a period of 40 years he built an empire of solid manufacturing and hospitality businesses. He lost the lot by a massive gamble on bank (which subsequently went bust) shares, using another dangerous 'instrument' CFDs. He was a hugely respectable man in his sixties. He is now broke and in jail for contempt of court..

      David, please learn that whatever happens in the market, if it collapses over night you have to be able to hold on to your stock.


      'John Ignatius Quinn, commonly known as Seán Quinn,[1] is an Irish businessman and conglomerateur. In 2008 he was the richest person in Ireland, but in 2011 he filed for bankruptcy. [2][3]
      The Sunday Times Rich List in 2008 estimated his personal worth to be €4.722 billion or £3.73 billion, thereby making him the richest person in Ireland.[4] Forbes magazine's 2008 Rich List listed him again as the richest person in Ireland, in 164th place amongst the wealthiest individuals in the world.[5] His net worth, as of February 2008, was estimated at $6.0 billion - or approximately £3.084 billion.
      In November 2005 the Quinn Group, which was then privately owned by the Quinn family, was elsewhere estimated to be worth between €4 billion and €5 billion.[3] In 2007 the group made a pre-tax profit of £439m.[6][7] In April 2011 Kieran Wallace of KPMG was appointed as share receiver to Anglo Irish Bank (to which the Quinn Group owe over €2.8 billion) and took control of the Quinn family’s equity interest in Quinn Group. Sean Quinn and the Quinn family no longer have any role in the management, operations or ownership of the Quinn Group.[8] Quinn was declared bankrupt on 11 November 2011 in Northern Ireland;[9] this was annulled on appeal but he was declared bankrupt in the Republic of Ireland on 16 January 2012.[10] Quinn was sentenced at the High Court in Dublin on 2 November 2012 to 9 weeks in jail, due to continued asset stripping and non-co-operation with the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation (IBRC).[11]
      Quinn is married to Patricia and they have five children - Seán, Colette, Ciara, Aoife and Brenda.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Still no sign of this guy. Just hope everything is ok

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Poor little iclown

    • guy killed himself lol wow

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