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  • bskall2000 bskall2000 Nov 15, 2012 4:10 AM Flag

    I feel he's correct in his writings

    As I mentioned in my previous posts, what is cool is ultimately defined by functionality. Larger smartphones screens are more functional, easier to read, tap, play, and type. Larger smartphones screens take less effort to use. Hence, larger smartphone screens are gradually becoming more popular, more trendy, while 4" iPhone screen will look more and more yesteryear. It was clear in 2011 that the market is heading toward larger smartphone screens yet Tim Cook dragged the the whole year just to stretch iPhone 4S to iPhone 5 by a half-an-inch. Too little, too late.

    About 7" tablets. So what that Steve Jobs said that 7" screen is not useful. He was known to turn around and deliver exactly the opposite once he sensed a new form factor will take less effort to use. Steve Jobs epitomized the PLE. He could sense where the market was heading before the market new it is heading there. Tim Cook failed to notice the elephant in the room: Galaxy Note, Google Nexus 7.Tim Cook came up too late with an overpriced and underpowered iPad Mini.

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