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  • option_flyer option_flyer Nov 15, 2012 10:05 AM Flag

    how the hell did he win

    if every small business owner is going to be hurt with bamacare #$%$. spending.... at the voting boot last week some idiot man actually "is this the place where i vote for obama? " what a fooooool.... idiot did not know that his name will come up in the "death panel " review once obamacare takes effect....

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    • He started with a 47 million to nothing,the people on welfare and food stamps...

    • He won my home state of Ohio because he rescued thousands of folks who are employed by the auto industry. That is also why I voted for him.

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      • Because the vote of a person with an 80 IQ counts as much as a person with a 150 IQ. If we are investing in stocks most of us are probably successful and educated. I would guess most of this group didn't vote for him. Anyway we have 4 more years and I hope he goes to the center but I have my doubts. BTW I think APPL is going to soar.

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      • thomasbuoni Nov 15, 2012 12:29 PM Flag

        He didn't rescue anything. Bush wrote the first check. This guy is an idiot and watch what happens in 4 more yrs

      • You naive fool. Obama borrowed from us taxpayers to support the greedy unions in the so called auto bailout. He hasn't payed back the taxpayer - and WONT. The auto industry would have been far far far better off had it been allowed to go thru organized bankruptcy with the support of the Gov. You all would have been far better off cause the unions would have been reined in. Now nothing has changed. The same greedy selfish unions that led to the auto industry failure remain so it 's gonna happen again, Plus there are a lot of people like me that will never buy an American car anymore. Mr shallow Obama just buys votes of the mental midgets like you that can't think beyond your outstretched hand - but then where will you be when we're like Greece - idot.

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    • He won because he ran a perfect campaign against a party that was bankrupt of ideas and technology. I took off work on Monday and Tuesday, and drove on Sunday to PA to work for the Obama team in the Allentown/Bethlehem area. Four years earlier, I spent four days in Seabrook, NH on the Obama campaign there. I was stunned at how transformed the campaign had been in the intervening four years.

      The storefront headquarters down the hill from Lehigh University had a long row of laptops with data bases of every Democratic registered voter by street - age, sex, voting history, number of phone and door contacts. THEY KNEW THE TIME OF DAY THE VOTER HAD VOTED IN PRIOR ELECTIONS, AND WHEN THEY TOLD A PHONE OR DOOR CANVASSER THEY'D LIKELY VOTE ON THE 6TH. They had mapping programs to tell them where they could most efficiently and effectively deploy door canvassers. They had rented vans deployed throughout the region to pick up targeted voters and take them to the polls. Grad students in business running the operation. Excited students from all over the globe practically vibrating with excitement to be on the front line of a democracy unlike any they knew in their homelands.

      Demographically, the campaign was the new face of America - Asian Americans, African-Americans, Hispanics, lots and lots of professional women (angry as hell). Sales people, ad agencies who gave their people the days off to work for the candidate of their choice. Small businessmen who were organizing their buddies into teams contacting their pooled customer bases. A few retired white men, but not many.

      Without any real education, everyone seemed to know how to respond to every challenge to Romney claims and the Ryan budget. MSNBC and Fox News were streaming from around the headquarters. The atmosphere was electric.

      I spent much of the day in a very affluent neighborhood of Bethlehem, houses that were work well over a million dollars each, working a phone bank there. There were attorneys and ad agency presidents and managers of local medical equipment firms scattered around the house, with laptops and iPhones calling off lists. Others going out with clipboards to work the Democratic-registered voters.

      I've got to get back to work now, but I felt it was important enough to do a dump to explain the answer, "How the hell did he win?" The simple answer: He motivated the millions of people of many ages who have bought all the iPhones and iPads and Macs; he attracted the young professionals and professionals-to-be who brought their technology and enthusiasm to his campaign.

      Against that force, the Republicans and the Red States were road kill. If not for the foiled efforts to discourage voting in the Republican-governed states, the popular vote would have been crushing. They knew that Republicans would not allow them to max out the popular vote, but they could dominate the electoral college. And they did.

      And THAT, friends, is how he won. Thanks to your investment in Apple, you helped create the generation that worked to get him elected.

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    • He was smarter and better looking.
      And he didn't make his dog travel on the car roof.

    • What I found interesting was the fact that he didn't win a single state that required a picture ID to vote? Kind of says it all, with the exception of the fact that the Electoral vote needs to be dropped

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    • Youth voted for him, 20% margin. blacks and hispanics voted for him in overwhelming numbers. They say stick it to the white Republican party who voted for Romney 60%.

      21 preciencts in Ohio voted 100% for Obama, not one vote for Romeny and one voted 106% for Obama .. sounds like fraud to me... but Obama gets away with fraud.

    • a_conservative_hates_america a_conservative_hates_america Nov 15, 2012 11:48 AM Flag

      uneducated dolt. it only affects small business with more than 50 employees. which isn't even a Papa Johns franchise. It helps to have your facts straight when you try to make an argument. Instead you just come off as a bitter political hack.


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      • Speaking of Papa Johns...

        Some national chains have franchise contracts that, in effect, make them responsible for paying Obamacare for some of their stores. One is Papa Johns.

        Papa Johns founder Schattner has announced he will hike prices to cover his need to pay Obamacare-mandated insurance for some workers, and cut the hours of as many workers as he can to keep them ineligible for medical insurance. Of course, that means those uninsured workers will go to hospital emergency rooms and clinics for care, shifting their costs to everyone who has private insurance. He suggests that if you don't like the higher prices, tip your server less.

        I'll never eat at a Papa Johns again. I have a choice - patronize my local pizza restaurants.

        National chains like Papa Johns have undercut the prices of small local pizza restaurants who must offer at least modest healthcare insurance to attract loyal workers. Several independents have cheered the requirement that the big chains carry the same overhead and raise their prices to local levels. See

        There is no free lunch when it comes to healthcare. Minimum wage workers without healthcare insurance cannot afford to pay market prices for healthcare - which drives them into Medicaid and unreimbursed hospital care we all pay for.

        When the company I was working for in 2005 downsized in preparation for shutdown, and my COBRA ran out, I discovered I couldn't get private insurance at any cost because of a small preexisting condition. As a single parent of two teens, I ***HAD*** to have it. Fortunately, I had started a successful small business, so I could afford to go into a CT state-backed pool - but my premiums were $1960 a month! That's more than the gross income of many Americans!

        Companies who shift their employee healthcare costs to my tax bill are pure #$%$.

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    • because rommney was worse

    • Get over it, 'arschloch' !

    • The mental retardation the right wing exhibits on this board is stunning. Having just enough knowledge of a subject, but not the right facts, makes you a complete and total jackass. Keep up the good work.

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