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  • pull_my_finger2 pull_my_finger2 Nov 21, 2012 2:53 PM Flag

    Here is what freedom really is you Democrat douchebag. It's when our government pledges not to


    intervene in our way or the other....To stay out of the citizen's business. To provide a few essentials common to the good of EVERY citizen. Like decent roads and, providing for a defense against foreigners.

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    • If Bush would have agreed to PAY for the two wars he began, in stead of cutting taxes and borrowing from China, this country would not have to RAISE taxes now, and we wouldn't be bankrupteded, already. can you see reality or are you hypnotized by teabaggers???..

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      • You're wrong there matt but it's an easy mistake. The debt has been building for 60 years and no one has done anything to help it. Pull is right about the role of government but Bush violated that as you say. But if Bush's increase of $2T is a crime (and I believe it is), then Obama's $5T is a capital crime. We are now on the precipice of $16T debt and debt servicing plus real entitlements will cost $2.9T in 2013 and that is the total of expected revenues. That means the $1.4T deficit is the TOTAL cost of running government. And we have to borrow every penny. Bush worsened our economy, absolutely, but Obama has destroyed it, doing exactly what he blames Bush for and more of it. We are, simply, now destined for lower and lower living standards until we are Greece. But there will be no EU for us.

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