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  • citamar citamar Nov 30, 2012 10:04 PM Flag

    Obama A Disaster

    how could anyone who knows what the issues are vote for him? His supporters NEVER argue the facts, they just attack you and call you names. This guy is turning us into Greece by his incompetency. Socialism is coming. That's what he wants. Didn't our fathers and grandfathers fight against this in WW1, Korea and Vietnam? What did they die for? This?

    He has the nerve to ask Republicans for NO debt ceiling. This guy is out of control and both his supports and the liberal press give him a free pass to do what he wants. Very dangerous.

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    • not2old4cruisin Dec 1, 2012 8:50 AM Flag

      I hope that everyone that badmouthed Obama voted FOR Romney. If not, therein lies the problem.

    • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz SOS isn't it.

    • Thats the 47% that the dems and media managed to twist the truth about.

    • Romney fought in Vietnam????????

    • People who voted for Obama voted to "TAKE" not earn a living. They want governmant handouts and feel they "DESERVE" to be given money, not have to earn it. The American ideal has died and with it, i am sorry to say the fate of this country.

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    • Fully agree that the real crash is coming, and as a DIRECT result of the ignoramuses who reelected this imbecile. To paraphrase Paul Hogan, "The 2013 crash is going to make the 2008/2009 crash look like a Sunday school picnic."

      The worst part of this is that, even though Obama and his socialist media supporters will be the DIRECT cause of the worst economic crash in U.S. history, the Republicans will get the blame for it. Note that polls already indicate that they are blamed by most Americans for the upcoming fiscal cliff, even though in four years our fearless leader has NEVER passed a budget, one of his core responsibilities. Not that the Republicans are free of blame, but what this really says is that people do not wish for fiscal discipline, lower taxes for job creators and free market capitalism, but instead wish for a blank check to borrow from their unborn grandchildren to fund their lives of laziness and irresponsibility.

      In the event that a nation-culture crashes as we are about to do, it is not the wake-up call for which anyone with a brain and a drop of liberty-loving American blood in their veins wishes, but rather is the beginning of a death spiral into never-ending, ever-increasing socialism, which inevitably "locks in" the permanent malaise for which Obama, the media and every idiot who voted for him ultimately wish for and must take FULL responsibility.

    • Read Kim Strassel's WSJ article for today, "This Unserious White House." Obama is out of control. He is arrogant and incapable of compromising or leading. His proposals are an outrage.

    • thruston Nov 30, 2012 10:18 PM Flag

      Those who voted for him soon will find out in a very personal way how the disaster on the way will affect them. For starts, health insurance costs for young working people will be higher than for older people , new carbon taxes will cost everyone who drives more, more tax will be taken out of take home pay of those who even have jobs. All of those ignorant and uninformed voters for Obama, especially the young ones, will learn in a very hard and personal way that is is not just the rich who will be paying for Obama;s crazy plans.

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