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  • gangsta_obama gangsta_obama Dec 3, 2012 12:05 PM Flag

    Face facts. Obama was elected twice because we have an ignorant, selfish, lazy un-American population

    One half of the country. We are basically finished as an advanced culture and nation.

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    • You have never been an "advanced culture and nation". To paraphrase Jeremy Clarkson, you have always been a bunch of #$%$ that locked themselves up in isolation and outlawed the word #$%$ within the confines of their world. All these "advanced culture and nation" claims always where of purely self-proclaimed quality.

      The civilized wold laughed at your "advanced culture" at first, then we just forgot about you and moved on. Obviously, like a spoiled kid craving attention, you started to behave criminally in order to remind the world of your existence. This has been an annoyance, by we learned to live with it. Basically, the world expects Russia and Britain to take care of you if you become something more than a nuisance.

      The only thing that changed lately (and I don't know how much of it is to Obama's credit) is that the propaganda and censorship wall around your regime became more permeable. Today a lot more information from the Free World seeps through into the confines of the US regime. People in US beginning to understand what they are and what they have always been. Americans begin to do what the entire Free World has been doing all that time: they begin to laugh at the isolated criminal clown fest your country is. An this is a good thing. This is the first thin trickle of freedom that will eventually develop USA into a free and civilized country. But there's still a long way to go...

    • you are an ignorant are the problem not the solution..a crazy out there ideologue without one fact at your disposal...go crawl back in the hole you come from

    • Wrong. When the GOP stops catering to the ignorant evangelicals, recognizes sciences is real, stops talking about rape and women's health issues, gets real on immigration issues and stops harping about gay marriage, they'll have a shot at winning. The population is becoming more socially liberal but many (myself included) are still in favor of less spending, smaller government and lower taxes; we just can't stomach the religious right and their so-called "values".

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