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  • classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts Dec 7, 2012 10:41 AM Flag

    It is simple Hedge Funds are selling AAPl and GOOG and buying AMZN because taking 30% ebay customers

    AMZN takes cloud from goog, tablet share from aapl and taking 30% or more of ebay's private seller and auction listings! They take customers from Netflix by the chitloads, will get worse after the kindle fires in a chitload of homes and with nintendo wii u's in peoples homes. Amazon is taking over the world everywhere, they hurt Wal Mart, Target etc.

    They are going to list auctions and private sellers on amazons site, wow and the pricing plan is smarter and easier for the two types of sellers, under 50 a month and over 50 items a month!
    Listen anywhere Amazon decides to enter and go take market share, they are successful, they step on googles toes and then have a better product and more customers in the cloud, goog has repeatedly dropped prices yet Amazon with a better product has stopped dropping prices for the cloud yet more and more people continue to sign up for Amazons cloud which has gotten larger and better for 6 years straight. Now Amazon apps are up a whopping 500% and market share rumors are that they now have 11-17% of tablet market share after selling a chitload as so many stayed home and bought online and Amazon had the best price on the kindle fire and the parents loved the controls to block bad stuff from kids. Now Amazon is going to list private sellers and auction people listing into 2 categories and take many loyal ebay customers with simpler and better pricing, less hassle listings, and AMZN is going to offer the good sellers loans so they can get bigger and AMZN makes more when they sell more, AMZN is just too smart, its not fair for people not as smart to compete. Watch as ebay stock goes nowhere or down while AMZN runs right by its 52 week high and approaches its target of 314, should be around that by JAN 15-19th and after Jan 31st (record earnings) will gap to 240-350!

    The mm is sleeping the Jan 310 calls that were 55 by 60 cents a few weeks back are now just 27 cents, AMZN target price was raised to 314, record earnings, the largest ever for sales and revs will take place on Jan 31st, I wired money today and will grab 200 of those 310's tomorrow but anybody will make money in the 300 305 310 315 320 325 because the market maker has not moved them up hardly at all in weeks. If you decide to stay in goog at this level at least grab some amzn shares and calls before it goes right through its 52 week high and basically straight to 300, you can safely buy amzn on margin, you can't say the same for goog or aapl, if amzn goes down 3 it makes that up and another 2 by the end of day or next morning. It is by far the most loved stock on wall street with not only the most dip buyers but hedge funds and mutual funds fight over shares daily, they will fight more then ever after we slice that 52 week high with serious momentum traders coming in as we get closer to breaking it.

    If you are not buying all the AMZN calls and shares you can, just be ready to pull your hair out when it starts towards 300 so fast, will be like the last google pump right after AMZN slices right thru 264, its 52 week high like butter! AAPL is a sell, soon those big snap back bounces will not be there, then aapl gets really ugly for retail longs.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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