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  • interactivebrokerssucks20soon interactivebrokerssucks20soon Dec 7, 2012 5:38 PM Flag

    Look at the charts Money leaving aapl and going into AMZN that breaks 52 week high next week!

    You have to sell aapl before it is too late, way too many people have gains in aapl and everytime you retails buy into a pump they start, they sell into it and distribute the shares to you. Soon the bounces in aapl will not work or come back, next year aapl comes back but it is very risky this year.

    Please fire whoever keep these reality #$%$ shows on and renews shows like cougar town on TBS lol and cancels boss on starz. That was so brilliant maybe you dumbphucks should cancel true blood or dexter or boardwalk empire, the last 3 good shows running, don't stop with those grab californication and shameless and the advertising series that is really good. I can't wait till Amazon starts their own series, they will be awesome and bring so many people to Amazons site. AMZN has a 314 target and will run up to 300 by Jan 15th, you remember that big pump Goog had a month or two ago? The one Amazon is about to have will make that look like nothing, after Amazons biggest sales, revenues, and earnings quarter ever it will gap from 310 or 315 to 345 350 on Feb 1st after its record earnings blowout Jan 31st, next week Amazon will have a 10 or 12 point up day in 1 day and break its 52 week high at which point it will have serious momentum! They are in the process of taking 30% of Amazons auction sellersand private sellers in a cleaner and faster format which evaluates which people would qualify for an Amazon loan that makes the seller bigger and gains Amazon a larger position%wise. Amazon dominates the cloud and its lead has gotten wider for 6 years with customers in over 120 countries, google does not like this but cannot do anything about it but try to do something, (they have lowered prices for their cloud twice, Amazon lowered once but stopped with once.) And now Amazon takes 11%-17% of tablet market share from aapl, they take content sales from Netflix and Sales from Wal Mart and Target.

    Tyrone that is not true, the Republicans, some of them act like they want the illegals gone but it is just talk, companies like Tyson foods and many others who have tons of illegals have paid off the republicans in the house and the senate, the companies want the illegals for the jo#$%$ that the rest of Americans are too smart to do and its not that the jo#$%$ are beneath Amaericans, it is simply that Americans want to get paid a real wage, most illegals send money back to their country via western union. The companies are making more profit then they ever have but with unions gone, nobody is left to argue for wages Americans can live on. Instead of 100,000 in student loans that are worthless and can't get them employment, the government needs to give loans for a new kind of technical that provides hands on training for the jo#$%$ they say are ready to hire but they can't find employees with the skills. Obama should have immediately passed real job plans while he had the house and senate, he should have put the tax rate back to to where it was with Clinton or even more towards helping the poor and middle class. he should have gotten rid of glass steagel act, brought back no shorting unless on an uptick, and we need a law where you can't short a stock until it has 10 Billion in market cap, this would have made it easier for new companies to get larger faster and this would help the economy tremendously, the way it is now Wall Street destroys many companies between 100 million and 5 Billion after they miss 2 or 3 quarters earnings, many of these companies could get their house in order and come back but instead are shorted out of existence or until they no longer have anything but negative sentiment and then the cartel companies like goldman sachs will naked short a company out of existence by lending out phantom shares or shares bet to go down that did not exist in the original share count or float. This is not a conspiracy theory but a fact that can me read about in an old rolling stone magazine issue. They did this to over 200 companies over a 4 year period, (the proof was accidentally submitted by Goldmans own army of Attorneys) This is why now investors that have been burnt so many times trying to find the next company only considers it safe to pile into high Beta stocks Goldman cannot get away with naked shorting to zero such as say amzn goog or aapl that either has 30 billion going into it or coming out of it in a single day.
    Sentiment: Strong Sell

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • agreed nice post suckie. amazon PE infinity is the place to be she is our young lion. and welcome to a new cub, facebook who joins the mother growth index next week.

      again apple fanbois every new generation throws last years hit off the pop charts.

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