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  • idbtc idbtc Dec 8, 2012 1:06 AM Flag

    Tim Cook USUALLY does not like to tip his hand, BUT.....

    who the heck is Tim Cook? he was a nobody and nameless tech exec before Steve Jobs died. Not like he got decades of CEO experience under his belt, in fact, he is still a rookie CEO. Don't bet against him??? don't bet against Steve Jobs maybe because of his 40 years of track record. Tim Cook have to live to 90 probably to earn that respect.

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    • What CEO's have "decades of CEO experience"? You forget that Jobs was ousted from his own company in 1985 and returned in 1996. He was the CEO for Apple for about 15 years. Once again, he was not a great CEO, but a great innovator. Jobs legacy will remain for at least another year based on products "in the pipeline". Point being, it doesn't really matter who runs the show at Apple because ALL of the products (except iPad mini) are still Jobs' products.

      Therefore, the "bet" is against Apple and not Cook. Still, I think that Cook is more competent as the CEO and definitely better liked than Jobs.

      On a side note, he could have easily said, "Demand is poor." "Supply issues have not caught up with demand." " The economy is weak" etc. MANY companies are citing "difficult economic conditions", "increased costs", etc leading to lower guidance.

      Based on his comments, you can "bet" that Apple will deliver HUGE this quarter.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • lol... Cook is a better CEO than Jobs? yeah, we can see the innovation just oozing out at apple these days... Who the heck heard of Tim Cook? A year in, Tim Cook's idea of product innovation is resizing iphones and ipads, what a joke. And his legal pursuits against competitors are nothing more than scare tactics and admission that they need to win in the court room because he isn't going to win the battle in the field. Under Cook, Apple has already missed 3 out of 5 earnings report, yeah, count'em, 3 out of 5! and now u say they will deliver a big qtr? based on what? historical big beats by Cook? lol..what a joke. How many were missed in the decades under Jobs? I heard just one... lol... it is no match....u buying cook's apple is not the same... the guy is a wannabe Steve Jobs but without the product innovation skills - there goes your apple...see ya at $450

    • While it's true that operations genius Tim Cook is the CEO, Apple's executive management team also includes proven visionaries like Jonathan Ive, Eddy Cue, and Phil Schiller. In fact it was Schiller who came up with the idea of the scroll wheel for the first iPod. Tim Cook has delegated considerable authority to these key lieutenants, so don't think for a moment that Apple is wanting for design and marketing brilliance.

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      • Great point. Like the saying goes, " Surround yourself with great people." The greatest leaders, business owners, and successful people in life, surround themselves with a TEAM of people who will help them achieve their goals. Jobs definitely had his share of great people including Wozniak, Edwin Land, Jef Raskin, Tim Berners-Lee, John Lasseter, and YES, Tim Cook.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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