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  • merenkov merenkov Dec 8, 2012 5:16 PM Flag

    If you are a nervous long, get thee to an Apple Store...

    ...and remind yourself why you bought this stock in the first place. The stores are packed, and the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini are both awesome. If you haven't actually held them in your hands yet, you really have no idea how great these products are.

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    • Wife doesn't know much about the different phones but did her research as someone that is new to the market. When I asked it came down to the Samsung Galaxy or the Iphone she said. I asked her what decision she made and why.

      She said she decided on the iphone easily because of the cheap plastic on the samsung, low battery life, inferior screen, better apps and the price was about the same. She said to me why would anyone want to buy anything but the apple products when the price is so similar?

      This is the exact reasoning for buying GMCR recently. We love our Keurig, all our friends love it and a few cents was not going to change our buying habits for coffee.

      When there is a concerted effort to make such an about face on loving apple and then a media blitz along with analysts saying how we all should be selling aapl stock it is the perfect time to buy. Remember they are not here to make you money. Look at the fundamentals, look at the apple store traffic etc and then be honest with yourself.

      The media blitz is on to wring every share they can from retail investors hands, don't fall for it. If you have followed apple stock on the run up to 700, ask yourself really what has changed? If you owned or though of owning @ 700 what if someone said I will sell you shares for 530 on that day?

      Take this gift and buy now, don't worry about what happens in the next day or week. Also don't be surprised if the media blitz loses it's steam here as soon as Monday and anyone that knows what they are doing sees this price as the gift it is.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • It's like that everywhere... I have been shopping the past few days going in and out of Best Buy, Apple Store and even Sams Club and there were tons of custumers at the Apple Kiosks in all those stores. Even 2 of my coworkers just bought the iPad 4. I ambuying 2 minis for my kids and a mac pro for the wife. And thats just me. Now multiply that times a few million people throughout the USA, and then multiply that times another few million people across the 100 countries selling Apple Products. Do the math....

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Just came back from the Apple Store in Santa Monica (3rd Street Promenade), and it was chock-a-block with enthusiastic customers buying iPads and iPhones.

    • I finally!!!! Got my iPhone 5!!!!! My company finally allowed us to get off our Blackberry.

      The intteresting thing I saw at the Verizon stored was the people trading in their Androids for the iphone 4s. I saw a Mom and Dad buy 4 - 4s for their whole family.

    • I was just at short hills mall at 3pm and not alot of customers...maybe equal between customers and workers...

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