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  • sm081969 sm081969 Dec 8, 2012 7:14 PM Flag

    AAPL oversold - relevant questions and answers

    1. Are APPL's existing products popular? Answer is yes; so far they are meeting expectations.
    2. Do existing products have more potential? Anwser is yes; The deals with Chinese mobile companies still pending.
    3. Will AAPL offer new exiciting products within a year? The answer is yes; iTV is clearly in the pipeline for 2013 (Cook confirmed that much) and Cook thinks it will revolutionalize how people interact with TVs and how they use them (at their convenience). It's a huge potential market.
    4. Does AAPL have financial muscle to execute its plan? Answer is yes; they will have like $140 bi cash by the end of the year.
    5. Will AAPL increase dividend? Answer is yes; their current dividend/buyback amounts to only 10% of what they could potentially do. There is a lot of room for more.
    6. Did AAPL make mistakes? Answer is yes; but they moved quickly and fired people who screwed up. Even in time of Jobs, there was antennagate, but they fixed it and moved on. AAPL will fix Maps.
    7. Does AAPL offer good value? Answer is yes; at forward PE of 9 while still growing at least 10% a year for the foreseeable future, AAPL is oversold for reasons other than fundamentals (such as forced selling because capital gains tax rate going up from 15% to 20% on January 1. But the decline is so pronounced that the tax calculation is becoming a mute point; those who sold it would start buying again. By March'13, AAPL would be over $700, a pretty decent appreciation.
    8. Does the law of inverse gravity apply here? Answer is yes; a stock that goes down fast and furious (w/o any change in fundamentals) will move up just as fast and furious.

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