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  • cisliu cisliu Dec 14, 2012 5:15 PM Flag

    sold at 508, lost 45 K

    I knew it is wrong to sell at 508, but it will go up only if I sold. If I am holding, it will continue to drop. So, for the sake of others, I am sacrifice myself. I have to say I am a loser in the stock market, I will focus on my work and family, time to move on ...

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    • Exactly what happend to me on NFLX @$60

    • haha, I am glad to sell at 508, look at it now, it is 438! more than 70 dollar lower! There is a gap to be filled between 431 and 443. last year, when it began that crazy rally, it jumped from 431 to 443 directly, it never been a price between 431 and 443, that is called a gap. all the gap must be eventually filled. so, it is filling the gap now. But as long as any small guys are buying, it is going down. it will go up only if all the small guys are out. once all the old small guys are wiped out, they will lift the price and suck new blood from new small guys. Then they rinse and repeat ...

    • Wow, I was right to sell at 508 a month ago! Look at now, it is 463, almost 50 dollar lower!

    • You have to figure out the reasons (list out) you sold... if those reasons no longer holds, you should get back in even if it means at a higher price (you pay for more information). I just bought some apple partly because the story about no lines in China does not make any sense... if you read the story, one customer used four identities to enter the lottery system, only one identity got chosen, which means they can only satisfy one quarter of the demand. Sure it can go down, but that is part of the risk.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • You did very good. Never fight with the trend.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • Similar scenario here. Lost a bundle. I sold too but at $568. But somehow it didn't come back...kept on falling ...but hope u are rt and it bounces back to $600+

    • Why not take a look at my AAPL trading alert posted to this board? You will get back your loss over time I believe.

    • you sell you loose. check this message 12 months fro now to confirm that.

    • cisliu, I'm sorry to read about your 45K loss. You need better information to tell you what is happening with the stock You also need to use stop loss orders to protect you when you enter a trade and to protect your profits when you have them. I know it's easy for me to write this after the fact of your loss, but there is a way to always know what the technical status of the stock your investing in or trading. I use the free stock market MAF Oscillator and MAF Stock Ratings for AAPL to know when to buy and sell a stock. The MAF Trader 1000 Stock Analyzer tells me on an intraday basis when a stock is starting a downtrend so I have fair warning that the run to the up side is over. Go to MAFTrader and read their free information. I think you will find some information that will help you when you decide to try trading again. Here are my posts leading to today's AAPL fall .

      AAPL MAF Stock Rating now at 6
      by justinvestorguy . Dec 5, 2012 12:10 AM . Permalink

      AAPL has fallen from a MAF Stock Rating of 7:Normal Uptrend, to a MAF Stock Rating of 6: Initial downtrend. This is the first sign of potentially lower prices to come. Lets hope this doesn't turn into a confirmed downtrend.

      Happy investing to all,

      AAPL MAF Stock Rating 4
      by justinvestorguy . Dec 13, 2012 10:07 PM . Permalink

      AAPL has a current MAF Stock Rating of 4 Normal Downtrend. Lower prices should be expected if AAPL fails to maintain a price above $529.00 tomorrow. A retest of the $505.75 low is possible if this downtrend continues.

      Happy investing to all,

    • Sorry, but this is what A like to hear from investors.Thats when I know its time to put money to work. When everyone wants to throw in the towel. MM have been doing this for years. Pump,dump, buy at the bottom and start over.

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