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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker Dec 16, 2012 4:46 PM Flag

    A not-so-quiet weekend for Apple in China and Taiwan (Fortune Article)

    By Philip Elmer-DeWitt December 16, 2012: 1:43 PM ET
    Two noisy store openings and reports of "robust" iPhone 5 sales from local carriers

    Opening day at Hong Kong's Causeway Bay Apple Store
    FORTUNE -- Maybe China's "Apple fever" hasn't broken quite yet.
    Reports of low turnout and videos of nearly empty Apple Stores for the launch of the iPhone 5 in China helped drive Apple's (AAPL) share price in New York to a 10-month low Friday.
    But a report Saturday in Shanghai Daily suggested that the media was watching the wrong stores. Traffic may have been light at the Apple retail outlets that were selling only unsubsidized iPhones (i.e. starting at US $846), but Apple's partners were having a field day selling the iPhone 5 under contract for as little as US $96. In addition to the 300,000 pre-orders racked up last week by China Unicom (CHU) -- up 50% from the 200,000 it took for the 4S last January -- the carrier sold 5,000 more before Friday noon in Shanghai alone. China Telecom (CHA), for its part, expected to sell 10,00 units in Shanghai by the end of the day Friday.
    Market watchers described the city's sales as "robust."
    Across the Taiwan Straight in Taipei, Taiwan's three mobile carriers -- Chunghwa Telecom (CHT), Taiwan Mobile (TWM) and Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET) -- also drew long lines, according to the video report filed by MHz Worldview below.
    Meanwhile there was no shortage of enthusiasm -- at least among the seemingly endless lines of red-shirted staffers -- at Apple Store openings in Hong Kong and Chengdu.
    See videos below.

    GOOG it and watch the videos. AAPL to $600 before EOY now that the hedge funds that missed the upside run all year until early october and also got clobbered by trying to short it all year have now finally covered in their formerly buried shorts -- AND GOTTEN VERY LONG STARTING LATE LAST WEEK.

    ALL oars yanking this higher now. Tim tried to give everyone a big heads up... new highs before end of january. Unhedged shorts are effd starting tomorrow. Yehahahaaa cowboys!

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    • Fun huh? did you guys see his update tonight? Shares will rocket tomorrow, even if Tim doesn;t follow up this weekend with a spec dividend.

    • Just read this, but tried to post link so post didn't stay. lmao now at the shorts, stock will move up into earnings.

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      • (a chinese official website) has reported that just in Beijing of China, more than 10,000 iphone 5 sold out on 12/14, the first day when iphone 5 lunched. The number sold out should have been higher if the weather were better. The Bejing division of China Telecom said that iphone sales could be crowded this week because of holidays coming. The manerger of the division said that the iphone stocked on shelves in Bejing's shops might not be enough to meet the demand, ordering from both online and on shops.

        This report was only covered one city, not included other cities such Shanghai, Xian, Yanzhou etc. the name just a few.

        Sentiment: Buy

    • wow...

    • Exactly! Global sales will be higher and Apple stock price will rise quickly come Jan 2!

      Sentiment: Buy

    • No dweebs allowed on this post or the ones about Taiwan, Phillipines, Malaysia or everywhere else AAPL iPhones are raging out the doors. And keep off the posts documenting how the ipads are going to soon be reflecting AAPL's restored dominance and momentum in that space. LOL now that even WMT customers don't want the junk phones and pads sold by aapl's wanaabe contenders.

      Goldmen suks was right last week: Android and Samdung and all the lesser players are hosed and won;t be able to compete.

      Shorts are hosed now. See you at new highs within 6 weeks from tonight. LOL

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