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  • aiwal1 aiwal1 Dec 17, 2012 6:23 PM Flag

    Blowout Earnings in 4 weeks.

    Especially now that we know CHINA sales were much better than expected. And Apple stores in USA are jammed coast to coast now. IPAD-Mini sales were way better than expected, and only the poor want to buy Amazon's plastic tablet sold at not profit, with same external size as IPAD-Mini, but 30% less effective screen-size.

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    • But I thought apple was going down because there was too much demand for their products and not enough supply? or because android has a larger market share and that means apple is not growing anymore. or wait there is too much supply and apple is reducing their orders. oh wait i know microsoft has come up with a much better tablet that is impossible to use. hold on ummm blackberry 10 is coming out so everyone is going to switch back to blackberry they must have figured out something by now. dont they have a really high PE and their growth rate is much lower than their PE. I know they are getting buried under all that debt. How can they have blowout earnings if the 3 blind mice from Citi said they will not???

    • that is why you see large 400,000 share buy side prints going on me the smart money will be adding through earnings

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