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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker Dec 18, 2012 3:53 PM Flag

    $600 or even $700 by EOY

    Told you dweebtarts

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    • $600 by EOY and $750 EOJanuary.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • squeezetracker, I know it's not necessarily your intent, but your intelligent, well-reasoned posts here helped me hang on to this stock when things were getting really dark. (And I've held it since 2006 - bought at $60/share). I've just never seen AAPL trade so strangely (other than 2008, when everything was going down). But it appears to be reverting to its long-term pattern of melting up into January earnings...

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      • I post for several reasons, but mostly for laughs as ALL of the trading/ownership here combined is likely less than the smallest 13F total on page 10 of AAPL's quarterly recap.

        Still, I'll take your comments as a thanks -- and good for you, go buy yourself a new iphone 5 and ipad mini or the big one. We have 6 i5 phones in the family now and we all see it as a huge advance over the i4 and i4s they replace for us. We also bought each of the kids a mins ipad for under the tree when they all get home for the holidays... but my wife and I will continue to share the coffee table iPad 2 for now as it is fabulous too. Have a great holiday with your family!

        As for price by EOY, it may be a bit fuzzy... but the short fund crowd effin around to salvage their 2/20% this year are NOW focused on getting this great story (and stock) running up as hard as they can...

        Then, of into the new year and the coming FABULOUS Dec Q earnings call, EVERY PROFESSIONAL MANAGER OUT THERE (VS ONLY ABOUT 3000 AS OF 9/30/12 LOL) WILL WANT TO SHOE THIS IN THEIR 13Gs and 13f filings.

        We're going to see at least $800 in 2013 and the regular dividend is going a LOT higher. too... my only question os whether we get above $900 before 2014 without a major repurchase plan.

    • 3 months from yesterday to get back to $700

    • While i would love to see 700 by eoy, that seems too soon!

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      • I've explained it here several times... I might even share my whole piece now that the stock is ripping again.

        Summary? Short pros not only missed the year's upside run, they shorted it and got buried... spo they needed to collapse it and obama and his inept economic team and geithner carnival made it easy to drop the market.

        So as it dropped they start grabbing all they can below $530, then covered in last Friday and early yesterday as the Citi gump analyst and CNBC gump parade made that easy. Even today cnbc was talking about AAPL having lost the mojo. LOL

        Now, it is time to take it up to salvage their 2/20% for the year. Called it a rigged game, but $600 is a slam dunk now.

        Unhedged shorts are not only stupid, but dead.

      • If it can drop 200pts for no reason then it can go up 200pts on its many merits...AAPL is still super cheap at $700

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