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  • kekekakah kekekakah Dec 26, 2012 11:53 AM Flag

    US will go bankrupcy in three months if we go over cliff

    US will face credit ratings downgraded to Junk status if we go over the cliff. US make several default on his loan and declare bankrupcy within three month. Massive layoff shoot unemployment rate to 50% and 100 million people will lose their jobs. Market will collapse and S&P 500 will retest 666 and maybe lower. Apple will go down like airplane crash as the tax rate will be too high for American big firm to stay alive. Aapl will go out of business within two years. Housing market will collapse again as no one can afford to pay for mortgage. President Obama will be overthrown due to his incompetency.

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    • Why would you like to scare people like that? You and the likes of you cause the volatility, everything up and down every week.
      If you like to scare people why don`t you get a job in the Universal Studios theme park in LA? you could chase people in the dark with your plastic chain saw that would be awesome :)

      in my opinion the cliff is not a bad thing, but they have to execute with caution. And on top of that people must remain calm and do not overreact everything. US falls into recession sometimes, so live with that and try to keep it on the mild side. IF you scream like hell and everybody else will do run and sell every stock, then you hit your prediction.

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      • hey kid(********th80x), if you trade based on any comment in this board without doing your due diligent, i am sure you will lose your @#$% most of the time. Go back to get some education and use your own judgement for trading.

      • I scare who? I dont think I would scare anyone in this board except you. You should not trade based on any comments posted in this board. In addition, I dont think I have the power to influence the market as I am a not wall street analyst. I am sure you are pretty scared after you read my post. My case is a bit of extreme but is likely to happen if washington does not act.

    • Actually, just the opposite. The tax base will broadened (some folks not paying will start to pay taxes and those paying very little will pay more so it will make them reevaluate their voting patterns) and major cuts in the size of government, that would never happen in a kick-the-can down the road compromise will be enacted. A Doom and Disasters Scream from government and government funded "programs" will be blasted in our ears by the liberal media. Economists and the Market will listen at first and then realize we are actually in better shape. All aboard for the fiscal cliff.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • No one can predict that, but you do have one part of this "Model" wrong. Obama will not be thrown out because he will point a finger at someone else and the Democrat majority will support him.

    • You got all these from your crystal ball?

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