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  • itsabuy115 itsabuy115 Jan 4, 2013 4:35 PM Flag


    two reasons...1)long term shareholders selling aapl due to the competition becoming a real threat to aapl sales growth, and 2) aapl ran up from 350 to 700, a 100% gain, in just 12 months and its probably working back to the 400's since even at 525 aapl is still 50% higher than 350 which is way overbought for one year's price rise

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    • Apple is a fair buy right now! Not a good buy! The hay day is over until a new or better mouse is invented. Maintaining revenue will be almost impossible without the ZAM factor of a new product. Apple has been brilliant but nothing is brilliant for ever. Big money wants to get out and move to other products and companies with great growth opportunity promises. Apples competition is becoming stronger. Apple has a real tough course to hold. Just my opinion............good luck to all!

    • Congratulations! You managed to completely disconnec the price movement of AAPL stock from its fundamentals. You could be an analyst for CNBC. People took gains in front of higher tax rates. The gains were built over many years in some cases, and they were huge. Likewise, anyone who bought prior to Oct. in this calendar year, had a big loss. Some would have sold before year end, some are selling now to hopefully offiset future gains. The stock is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

    • aragre Jan 4, 2013 4:44 PM Flag

      So wise guy..
      Are you saying apple is overvalued at pe of 12 and ex cash pe of 9?.... Lol
      120 billion cash in the bank and Generating close to 21 billion in net profits each quarter!

    • Your opinion of yourself is over rated. Nobody with it.

      • 1 Reply to genesis_gekko
      • more like nobody listens to your "watch and learn" #$%$ like you are the master lol....besides, you could be on the sidelines waiting for aapl to retest 510-500 monday tuesday but instead you are probaby long're just another aapl pumper who will continue to to pump aapl worthlessly even when/if its in the 400's....only late to the game jump to buy the rise on hype retail is buying now thinking they can catch aapl bottom but todays bottom buyers will more than likely be mondays new losers...just traders buying and selling aapl now, smart investors waitig to see what aapl brings to the earnings table,nobody wants to be long aapl if it disappoints

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