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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 4, 2013 5:32 PM Flag

    Hint Hint Hint - read the charts and the forecasts -

    Hint 1 - charts indicate downward momentum continuing. today is best example, S&P and Dow up, aapl down significantly Hint 2 - Cooks is silent. Hint 3 - insiders have sold heavily since sept, including core historic supporters / board members . Hint 4 - analysts predicting downward guidance from aapl, AND Cook is still silent. Hint 5 - samsung is growing much faster than aapl for market share. Hint 6 - no product news no support for product rumors etc, and Cook is still silent. Hint 7 - aapl may break below $500 next week since it has bounced off this level 3 times already and remains well below its 200 and 50 day moving averages.

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    • I do agree that momentum was negative yesterday and today, but it was positive when it ran to $555 before these two days. Believe it or not, stocks go up and down. And, two weeks from earnings, all that matters is the report. The remainder of your points I disagree with. First, Cook is a CEO. His job is to manage the company, not the stock. He will let the results speak for themselves on January 23rd. Second, insiders who sold did so for tax reasons knowing their stock was being replaced with new issuances. Iger actually bought. Third, only a few analysts are expressing concern about q2. The majority, including the lead analysts, are not sounding such an alarm. The ones that are have offered no research on demand. It's all based on supply channel checks. All demand data seems to dispute their indirect assessments. Fourth, it doesn't matter what Samsung's market share is doing. AAPL's market share is growing. As long as the markets are growing and AAPL's market share is growing, let Samsung gain as much traction in the low price, low margin segment as they can. Fifth, AAPL never divulges new product news until they are ready, so this means nothing. And finally, if AAPL breaks below $500, it will be a great buying opportunity.

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      • the market would probably have appreciated something from Cook, not defensive, but Jobs always knew how to keep the momentum far as the rest of your opinion, there are many things aapl can do or not do that will affect the perception....most ppl on this board always supporting "strong buy" seem emotionally involved for some reason...successful trading requires a more objective approach, and the charts are looking i said may run up at earnings but i think big money is looking at how the overall market is shaking out, insiders sold heavily after the peak in share price, most were selling heavily from april and hold may or may not work for every stock....aapl is a solid company not cratering not going under, and employ a ton of very smart ppl and the competition is also awesome. the bigs made tons of easy money over the last year especially so now their betting on something else since appl is maturing and growth won't be quite as wild as it was....unless they do something awesome.

      • It ran to 555 because the MMs took advantage of the mini cliff resolution to pump the price up on low volume to book profits for themselves. It was reported on Bloomberg and CNBC "...all the MMs telling me to book profits for their clients..." was reported on past Monday morning @ 8:25 AM.

      • One final point (and very significant). Do you think the insiders would be selling so late in the quarter if they were sitting on a bad quarter? Absolutely not!

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    • What do you want Cook to say? Buy, buy, buy?

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