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  • johnandtai johnandtai Jan 9, 2013 10:11 AM Flag

    Even companies in BK going up today as Apple goes down.

    Again the rumour mill is pushing Apple down. Apple is clearing one of the best run most profitable companies in the world..... yet the media and so called analysts continue the onslaught of unfounded rumours and guesses. Wall Street is a criminal club taking money from the small investor.

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    • Absolutely 100% true.

    • It sucks that manipulation can hurt so many people and make the crooks rich, yet no SEC involvement. If anything the SEC does the same.

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      • It only hurts if you SELL. I did my due diligence and the apple stores were packed all holiday season. They sold the #$%$ out of their products at bigger margins than anyone else so I know they are going to post big numbers. The key is the forward looking statements that they make. That is what will drive the stock back to the 700 to 800 dollare range. If a TV comes then it is 1000 previous targets. When we had the big crash about 4 years ago on paper I lost 60 percent of my portfolio. I SOLD NOTHING. In 11 months, I made all of it back and then some. I bought apple at 65 a share. Do I think I am smart enough to know when the bottom is in? No. Do I think I am smart enough to know when there are better, cheaper, more desireable products that are easier to use than apple? YES! So until the day comes when that happens, I am APPLE LONG.

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