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  • ditzil ditzil Jan 9, 2013 11:19 AM Flag

    I have a strong opinion why we're down what do others think here goes

    There is no doubt in my mind that aapl is way undervalued. With that in mind I have consistently bought calls in the last few months only to see them decimated by the market. I have a strong feeling there are lots of others like me and the manipulators see that and are determined to take us out. They can do this until apple forces their hand with some type of blockbuster Pr or blowout earnings. Problem is they will likely lowball guidance and give a free hand to screw us again.

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    • I rather think AAPL's move is inevitable one, and it finally accepted the reality, which has been telling that the price is not the one it just ignore. I think 1 Trillion mkt cap. kind of thing was purely based on dream. We the global citizens are not that rich. And this company finally decided not to do the same mistakes what they did in the fight with MSFT long ago. Remember ? Mac ignored the reality and the result was dire for so long time to get back here now.
      I guess the brutal dog fight with Android are about to start to get the market share. And the profit margin will be diminished little by little as I expected before.

      This price level might be still based on your beautiful dream.

      JMHO ...

    • I think that some manager must know of a spinoff in one of the Apple businesses. If they make the TV and then spin it off, our stock value goes down.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • You win. Buying calls doesn't drive the stock value up, it drives the stock price down.

      Big money knows the little guy can't afford a round lot of aapl (50k+) so instead chooses to invest 5-20k in options. Big money then wipes out the little guy and they can do so because the demand for the stock has been deverted to options so nobody is there to hold up the stock value.

      Buying options here is like shooting yourself and the other longs in the face.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Still plaing the blame game? The big bad meany manipulators? I gues the concerns surrounding the company and it's fundamental outlook has nothing to do with the 26% decline since Sept. 21st You reaaly shouldn't be in the Market.

    • I believe they have done that as well..they have decimated all call buyers..can see your trades, positions, etc'

      its criminal ...i really DO believe the banks can see our positions and more than just op ex.

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