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  • crestrider7 crestrider7 Jan 9, 2013 11:45 AM Flag

    The Longs are Soooooo Easily Threatened ... lol

    Just post anything - anything at all - that disputes or conflicts with their :Drink the Kool Aid" - Knight Templar love affair with Apple and they come streaming on with their junior high trash talk. Reality eludes them. They have earned their significant losses - which continue again today. When Doug Kass bought the stock for a trade which went to $590 and a handsome profit for him he was "the MAN"..When he sold it with a big profit and has subsequently gone negative and correctly so,he is the Devil Incarnate. Just how youn and uninformed is this long crew here. Market up 84 points and stock is still under distribution. What? Nobody knows about China Mobile - nobody knows about earnings (always runs up before :) )on the 23rd - nobody knows about ..... well ... anything. Only this crew and their oetulant insistence that it's aaaaaaal a big conspiracy and manipulation as to why the stock is down 26%.
    O the lessons the uninformed and arrogant learn the hard way. Wail away youngins. You certainly paid a dear price for your hubris.

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    • Troll alert. I'm betting you find a new hobby after Jan 22. Depending on how pathetic you are.

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      • LOL :atray..." That's your response.?/ Wiped out does strange things to people. Makes them irrational - dismissive of reality etc. The earnings are the 23. Right? Perhaps I misread it. All you can come up with after a 26% spanking is "troll alert"? And I'm pathetic?? And yes,trading the Market when I see an opportunity is a hobby.. I've been very blessed and did well for myself and my family so I don't sweat this game at all. I don't think the same can be said for you. You come across with your trash talk as someone who played with scared money and lost. Not good. So save the petulent sarcasm and al.It only identifies you as who you are. Good luck to you thiough.Although it's probably alittle late for that.

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