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  • likinnok likinnok Jan 10, 2013 11:03 AM Flag

    Just stopping by to say hi to everyone who said " you are joking right" "your crazy, this is a joke isnt it" I was'nt kiddin.

    I said in October that Nok would be a success with Win8 and apple would be hurt. This board said I was crazy. Guess what Apple was at 700 and is at 518 now. Nok was at $2.00 and is at $4.44 now. How many shares can you buy of a $2.00 stock like I did. Who is crazy now! I am long qqq, msft & nok.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I'm sorry you have such a strong need to find recognition. I wish you could go back in time to be raised by loving parents that would lavish praise on you. So very sorry for you.

    • Oh, and btw, how is that long position in MSFT treating you, considering you just took it on the face over the past three months. Have fun with that Surface. We'll be over here with Ipad and Ipad mini's.

    • And your point??? Newsflash, contrary to popular belief, not every long on this board initiated a position at $700. Many of us are sitting on $100 and $200 cost basis. Therefore, we too can gloat over our triple or more that we've made on this stock in recent years. Oh, and for the record, Apple didnt report their results yet. So while you do your victory lap timing a dog that simply bounced, watch and learn what it takes for a company to earn $14 - $15 bucks, not in a year, but in a quarter. Separately, how's NOK's computer and tablet business doing? How is its music and app store doing? Child please, go back to the NOK board.

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