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  • siriterminator siriterminator Jan 10, 2013 11:23 PM Flag

    iRadio will FAIL! Live and Learn Mr. Cook

    iTunes is great, you can buy one song for $0.99 without buying the entire album, but Apple's iRadio is a bad idea, period.

    I don't like subscription services, period. I don't need another service like Apple's iRadio for which I pay a monthly fee whether I use it or not. In today's economy, people don't want to pay for subscriptions either. Most of us still remember the days when we used to tune-in to free AM/FM as that was our only choice back then. Then Sirius came along, a great idea with great content and technology. I was amongst the first Sirius subscribers and I still subscribe, but not for the music.
    Sirius music channels annoy me. I hate rap and when I am listening to Sirius Hits #1 and a rap song is played... I simply change channels. This does not happen to me when I listen to Pandora. The personalized channels is the way to go, as they only play the type of music that you are in the mood for and not a potpourri of every new song in the world!

    Apple's iRadio won't succeed against Pandora or Sirius and my money is on Pandora. Even though he was not fond of acquiring companies, If Steve Jobs was still around, he would acquire Pandora rather and starting a whole new music radio.

    EVERYONE is trying to copy Pandora's model and you know that you have a good thing when so many are trying to emulate you. Most come to Pandora, not only because is FREE, but because it is GREAT!

    We Americans LOVE "FREE" stuff and if the free stuff is great, then we have a winner!

    Pandora Radio is Free, Great and Apple should acquire it.

    Stay tuned...

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