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  • godislongonapple godislongonapple Jan 15, 2013 8:32 PM Flag


    If youre Long Apple, and endorse Nick Nansen Investments, then do us a favor and post the link where Apple is trading at $507+ in Japan? We like links when we hear that kind of good news! THANKS!

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    • endorse Nick Nansen? He's a lightweight. Publicly available analysis is asymco (Horace) and what we choose to share here for fun and to tool on the dipS shorts when bored. I'm off to dinner now... and no, aapl does not trade on the nikkei or shanghai or other asia pacific exchanges, but it is at $515 now -right at the gap, get it? LOL. The guy was obviously goofing on the shorts in suggesting it does. We all laughed about it over drinks here -- a nice goof for all the tools who lie here all day long. As you may have noticed, unless joking, my posts are always sourced objectively; the early glimpse trades for AAPL are on the London ex, but it is usually very thin -- about like the premarket and after hours, perfect for idiots to trade then unless it is on an earnings day or one is trading peanut shares.

      As for long on AAPL? Yes we are my friend. Very long! We have been since $90, adding most of our present position between $140 and $330, but also trading a bunch along the way, writing puts (did some of that last week but more yesterday and today so we are willing to share a bunch of what we know that many retail folks have no access to unless we can source key info publicly to paste) and selling covered calls. We sold a bunch of OTM covered calls when it got above $665, a level we thought was due for a pause -- little did we know and wish we wrote a bunch for end of Dec expiry. Oh well.

      Time to get as long as you can now... we see $600 rapidly, and $700 is possible next week as aapl dazzles the world with Cook led performance... that will let Steve Jobs finally rest in peace.

    • well??

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