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  • crestrider7 crestrider7 Jan 17, 2013 4:39 PM Flag

    The Chart on AAPL Still Confirms that it is in a Solid Dpwntrend ....

    Near-term -- intermediate term and long term. That's not "bashing" that's just what the technicals are telling you right now. What changes all of that?? A sustained increasing volume reversal to the upside.
    So these desperate sad sacks and their attempts here at posting otherwise only highlights that desperation.

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    • charts_say_sell_u_dumb_azz charts_say_sell_u_dumb_azz Jan 17, 2013 6:17 PM Flag

      agreed. Though first $485 mini support has to be taken out.

      but yeah, over all aaples in a big time bearish trend.

      rsi, macdaddy, 50ma and 200 ma are all flashing bear.

      Short at will,.


      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • If technical analysis were real you wouldn't have 30 people looking at the same charts seeing 30 different things.
      This is not TA "bashing" it's just pointing out that TA doesn't hold up to scientific standards.

    • You don't know your butt from a hole in the ground!!! You are simply repeating what you heard some tard on CNBC say about an hour ago. The technicals actually show tht the stock has bottomed and could easily move up 20% from right here! You dumb s h i t !!!

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      • You are correct when you say the crestrider doesn;t have a clue. The reversal yesterday is very constructive... take a look at the weekly chart to see the long term trend is still intact. Wait until the rest of the timing call back to $600 unfolds... then it will be clear one more time that short term charts don't mean anything, long term charts have more relevance and interest, and that stocks/charts reflect catalyst events such as earnings, new agreements, reaffirmations of critical data points, etc.

        The longs and long term sellside bulls will get the last laugh when all the pro longs playing possum this week clobber the remaining shorts next week.

        Get ready to see all the ITM and ATM puts destroyed next week.

      • "obama ...." No,actually I been posting that for quite some time on this Board. You chose to ignore and dismiss it. You longs would like to blame your own greed,stupidity and hubris on C.N.B.C. That makes it easier on you. Everyone is "dumb" except you and your fellow o sooooooo frustrated and angry and very wiped out longs. The technicals show no such bottoming action. The stock has been making lower lows and lower recovery highs.Not exactly bottoming action. But then,you know better,don't you? The inability of you to express yourself in a literate and educated manner only highlights your intellectual ineptness. So angry at yourself actually for your lack of smarts that the only venue for you is to lash out with silly,juvenile schoolyard trash talk and potty mouth expletives. Impressive. But it has been a very expensive schooling I suspect. Have you learned anything for going forward? I would suggest that before you sprew your uninformed diatribes that you know what you are talking about. As badly as you have been crushed it's real;ly difficult to have any synpathies for you the way you conduct yourself. Now go home and get your shine box!! :):)

    • aragre Jan 17, 2013 4:41 PM Flag

      Are technicals a form of crystal balls?

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      • Technicals are what they are. A pattern of the trading activity over several time frames.Accompanied by volume. It's interesting that when the stock bounces,like yesterday,then it's "breaking out" (which was non valid nonsense yesterday) according to the vlongs. But when the stock goes down then the action is meaningless "crystal balls". Is that it? Can't have it both ways. Or does both ways sedate you to the reality of what has and continues to happen with the stock/

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