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  • ddeboy Jan 18, 2013 1:54 PM Flag

    Apple Retail Vice President Jerry McDougal Departs

    Another scapegoat for Cook. Cook should bow his head in shame an apologize to the world for poor innovation since Jobs left, then retire himself.

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    • aragre Jan 18, 2013 2:32 PM Flag

      Poor innovation since jobs left? Lol
      He passed a year ago. Apple rolled out their biggest new product line ever since.
      Apple innovation is stamped on every new product they have introduced! Name one company that has had more innovative products this year.
      Revolutionary products don't pop in every year.. Even at steves time. .. They come about every 3 to 4 years!
      Follow apples patent filling to get a clew how innovative they are and what to expect down the line.

      Dont just babble trash!

    • It is bad to own a company that only makes 50B in a year. Need some help to find a better one.

    • This is clutter. We all know this and we know it was a wise and effective move. Wrong guy and the wrong time.

    • You and the frank capra dude are way off base. This sales guy tried to turn the aapl storesinto a marine corp like structure. Rigid, structured, disciplined, reduce overtime, be tough on returns, etc.

      All of that was contra to the highly successful, well-entrenched cult like devotion to customer experience, sharing, compassion and "do the right thing for the Customer, even if it costs us a little more than comfortable from time to time."

      So he had to go... Who has been running retail since the announcement? The national and regional managers and in store sales managers who built AAPL's retail stores into the highest sales per sq foot stores by an order of magnitude. The stores have always been a small, but very important part of the overall client first experience that is AAPL. Whoever Tim brings in next will fit right in with that.

      Do yourselves and board readers a favor -- try to find something relevant to say if you want to dis appl. You guys are like debating with a bus full of gumptards.

    • He was fired for poor sales. It is gonna drop like a rock next week.

      Watch and Learn

    • OLD news...your talking to people on this board who actually read the news.

    • What the naysayers are overlooking or ignoring is that one could have made a list for Steve Jobs:

      Missed earnings: Apple posted a $247 million quarterly loss (in 2001, four years after Jobs took over — and the stock went UP in after-hours trading).
      Volatile stock: In 2008, under Jobs, the stock price dropped by more than 50%.
      Bad quality control: MobileMe, antenna-gate
      No advertising innovation: The "I'm a Mac/"I'm a PC" campaign ran for three and a half years without a refresh. Nothing on the scale of "Think different" was created by Jobs more than a decade after that iconic campaign.
      Bad product reviews: One word: Ping. Also, Consumer Reports issued a "does not recommend" on the iPhone 4 (in 2010).
      No iPad mini at all.
      Executive exodus: In 2008, Tony Fadell, senior vice president of the iPod division, stepped down. His wife, the VP of HR at Apple, also left. In 2004, Apple's CFO, Fred Anderson, left the company. Apple's General Counsel, Nancy Regina Heinen, left in 2006.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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