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  • highway_1999 highway_1999 Jan 21, 2013 6:21 AM Flag

    Re:V.P. Exercises his option to buy 60,000 shares of aapl. A VERY POSITIVE DEVELOPMENT

    We all know that Al Gore is being advised by some great minds probably the same people who have and continue to advise President Clinton. This is a very positive development and I will tell you why:
    1. Al Gore (VP) has always been technologically savvy. That's a known fact.
    2. He has 60,000 options to exercise and he excercises them at a time when aapl has been unduly maligned by the press and the enemies of this great country of ours. We know aapl is 9% of the NASDAQ market so attack on aapl is an attack on NASDAQ and it affects our great country.
    3. It is not a co-incidence that Al Gore (VP) is exercising his options a handful of days before aapl announces december'2012 results. This tells me the following :- (a)The VP and his advisors know that the quarterly results are going to be great and that aapl will rise (b) Aapl will also give a great forward thinking and future projection report .
    4. Aapl will get some great upgrades.
    5. Aapl will rise sharply. Going higher by $300 within a few or so will not be surprising.
    6. I have seen reports where aapl's share price is projected to be between $5,000 and $2,000 by december'2013. Even if we settle with an average of $3,500 that is a great growth. Even if we take the low end of $2,000 that is also great.
    So folks think about why the VP exercised his options at this time. I thought and I am definitely buying more.
    Thank you.

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    • ag the environmental hypocrite flying his private jet around the world hundreds of times spewing greenhouse gases to read speeeches to doooshes, his record of rediculously high electric bills was a huge clue for the left wngnut reeetardz also ! ya think??? a hack and spokesman for the auto unions and it was exposed that he drove foreign built cars that was anopther huge clue for the reeetardz!!!!! ya think ?? keep watching reality tv and stay clueless the dems are counting on clueless reeetardz for votes

    • See "SqueezeTrackers" Post on this. He says the difference in Market Price between the stock and Gore's Excercise Price is taxed as Ordinary Income under the AMT (Altern. Min. Tax, so about 40%)... but the further price appreciation (that may come) is taxed as Capital Gain (20% or so for high income taxpayer this year). So if the stock rebounds to $700, Gore will have saved about $2.4 million in Inc. Taxes or the 20 % tax rate differential x $200 a share (above present $500 stock price) x 60,000 shares.

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      • Thanks! Great observation. I am buying more too. There is no doubt in my mind that the results will be wonderful and that aapl will rise sharply. Yes there will be character malignment on the part of Melissa and the rest of the losers (which are many). But we have to ignore those bustards and look at the fundamentals. To be Melissa may also have a dislike for this great country of ours.

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