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  • traderapple traderapple Jan 23, 2013 1:28 PM Flag

    50 million iPhones, 30 million iPads, 7 million Macs, 6 million iPods - WATCH OUT!!! MONSTER QUARTER COMING....


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    • One correction....58-62M iPhones is the whisper. Numbers from VZ, T & S have verified that this is not a joke. China sales will be around 12M

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      • Last December quarter, Apple sold 37.04 million iPhones, 15.43 million iPads, 5.2 million Macs, 15.4 million iPods. Hence, the above numbers are within reason... 60 million iPhones is absolutely possible! iPad Minis were a big hit!! 7 million Macs is nothing for a holiday quarter. And 6 million iPods seem less.... make it 10 million. There you have it! MONSTER QUARTER COMING...

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • 35m iPhones 4's outsell 5's 18m iPads macs dampen earnings upside and iPod revenue gone, poof. hope this helps.

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      • Ataboy Claus, a real comedian... yes it helps everyone realize what a gump you are.

        Longs would be lucky the i4s outsold the i5 -- that would have driven MONSTER margins and lined up a bunch of 18 months roll customers about the time the i6 12 megapixel camera phone is ready. it would also make it clear consumers see huge value to the iPhone vs competitors, but then we already know that even before the VZ confirmation of customers abandoning their android software phones in droves to get even an i4 before they are discontinued in a few months. LOL

        18m pads? Um, less than Sep Q which was before the Mini, before the ipad 4 in ROW, before full China/Asia rollout on most of the entirely refreshed line up of all products? ROFLOL

        As for the macs and ipod revs gone? Not just yet sport... the new mac is just getting going now with still a two week wait and enterprise backlog building. The ipod? Even with the trend erosion on pods they will still sell 4m of those pups.

        And for the year, looking for at least 12m on the fees/tunes/service line. App sales doubled all apps sold life to date... THAT book is just getting going hard.

        The only thing "poof" is the margin account equity of gumptards who did not cover when it dipped below $490... they can cover at $600 on Friday as AAPL quickly regains its luster this week. Can hardly wait to see if Grunlach tells the wolrd he covered the big short and is long now based on channel checks (hiring an analyst actually doing some work on the story now). LOL

    • 50m iPhones (34m i5) will be really good, that is my number is the spreadsheet to get my $15+ per share depending on margin tolerance slightly above 40%. But THAT is not monster! Tello has 53m phones and $58B of revs with $15.25 EPS. Horace has 55.5m phones, 24.5 pads and $60B of revs -- that is monster!

      Your 30m ipads is MONSTER! I have 24m flat but hope your are right.

      Those are the key pieces, along with margin as per my Blow away thread... but you look high on macs and pods by at least 1-2m based on trendline -- thankfully they don't matter nearly as much to revs as the rapidly growing service/fees line which should be well ahead of $3B for the q on itunes, apps, cloud, device service, etc.

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