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  • mickey_rat1 mickey_rat1 Jan 23, 2013 2:50 PM Flag

    Here's the thing....IN A FREE COUNTRY, the press would have asked Obama why he lied about the Benghazi murders -


    You understand why ? That's what a free press does...Seek out the truth.

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    • If we had a free Ethical press, there would be a different president

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    • Mickey why even try
      Find one Politician who really works for the people. They all get elected and their lies start from their election process itself. They all lie Dems or Repubs. It is all about who is smarter lier. It is sad but a sad truth. Once they come in power they get all hyped and so drunk with fame, power, money and position. None of this belongs to them as they are suppose to work for the people which is us but they behave as this all belongs to them Fame, power, position and Money.
      So just like drunken person they act. If they had cared for common people which could be rich or poor we would not be in a jab where we are today. Now lets come to press same cheaters again they are supposed to bring the truth out but they become biased as they are owned by individuals who are biased and or they want to sell the news paper and make money not the real news.
      This is the world we live in so one has to become smart and figure out how to swim along with these all sharks. Look at our own mouth the softest tongue lives between 32 hard teeth and still survives this is what you need to learn instead of crying

      Good luck

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