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  • attilahorvath80x attilahorvath80x Jan 23, 2013 10:53 PM Flag

    I NEED serious advise please !!!!

    This is my first stock I bought in my life. I`m down $5000, I bought AAPL at 630 with 10% discount and dropping since then. I only wanted to go back to 700 and sell...

    Please tell me what should I do now. I don`t know how to do options, and don`t want to, so don`t advise that.
    a. sell tomorrow right in the morning, and go short maybe?
    b. wait more and see what happens? I lost already more than I can afford....I`m scared.
    c. if I wait how much should I? maybe it bounces back to 500ish?

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    • van.miles Mar 3, 2013 11:04 PM Flag

      I suggest you sell your Apple shares and buy Blackberry. This is the phone of the future. Look at i0S6. The carriers won't let Apple use it because it is unstable. It's time to change sides or to put it another way, it's time to change fruits.

    • when everybody is telling you to sell, it can only be one thing...this stock is about to go back around 500 and sit there until the earnings conference call....

    • I hate to say this as I've been long since 2011, but perhaps think about selling, holding your breath another 30 days to avoid the 'wash sale" then buy back at a lower price(then your purchase price). No catalyst to move this stock within the next couple months, the next earnings report may be iffy, the march event is a developers conference.

    • I am going to tell you a bad new first. AAPL may not reach $700 mark anytime soon. Even if you long AAPL, there is no guarantee. I am not going to address its problems. Ok, you are downed 5K. It is time for you to minimize your loss. Sell all your AAPL and invest in China-related stocks such as commodities, industrials or materials or even utilities. China has been posting positive economic data lately, so look for value China-related stocks (not Chinese stocks, but US companies that invest in China or strong presence in China). Slowly try to make up your 5K loss. It is not easy as it sounds, but you would feel much better when you make small profit margin in value stocks. Don't panic but be patience. Good luck to you.

    • i think it will pop sometime in the next 10 days thats when you sell

    • Be wise and know, Never GAMBLE son, never GAMBLE, you sem to lack basic knowlege, thus, you wandered into the minefield. Good luck on the return trip. Tellitotherain

      Sentiment: Hold

    • How do you get a 10% discount?

      Sell 2/3 of AAPL and buy SNE when it gets back to $12. You should be able to buy 1000 shares and make that $5000 back when it hits $17 by the end of the year.

      The rest of the AAPL shares, just collect the dividend and dump the stock if it ever sees $500 again.

      Short the market if it reaches 1530 and don't cover for 2-3 years because Obamacare and his tax hikes will gut the consumer and crush corporate profits.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • All you got to know is no steve jobs


    • Okay, first of all I want to THANK YOU for all of you answering my question. I was the one opened this topic.
      As I expected I can see all kind of advises, so I was looking for some main pattern in your posts.

      1. Some advised to screw myself and my stock, I think this already happened. Check mark.
      2. Most people noticed that I`m a beginner and didn`t do to much research when bought AAPL. I only analyzed the chart and some fundamentals so I ended up buying at a 10% pullback. Now I understand that the mistake and damage is not really made when I sell this stock tomorrow with huge loss, but when I bought it.....
      3. As I can see the overall sentiment is SELL. Even the Positive people say it can go a "little" more down then it will come back long run.
      4. I have seen a very good comment mentioning debt ceiling crisis, and all that #$%$ will affect the whole market this year. I think without that the bulls dream would come true on apple. But as all the indexes approaching 2007 maximum I`m not sure the whole system is ready to handle this.

      So my decision is:
      - I check the stock all day tomorrow and try to catch a bounce back, then SELL. I hope I can catch something over 480.
      - I don`t think I will buy back at 430 or even below, as we approach the debt crisis. Maybe don`t even buy a mutual fund or nokia. Originally I wanted to be out of the market by the debt crisis. ( at least on this one I did a lot of research )
      - thanks for those who advised not to go SHORT at this point, as I would be totally screwed if it jumps to 600 next monday :)

      Please tell me this is a good plan.

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      • Dude, always look at a stock as if you are buying the whole company. AAPL is not and never will be really worth $350B+. So with 1B shares, the stock price should not be over $350.

        When you bought at $630, you were saying that the company was worth $630B, or almost 3x Berkshire Hathaway with it's amazing CEO. Or, roughly the same as Berkshire (all 90 businesses), JP Morgan, and Microsoft COMBINED. Now you realize that AAPL is NOT worth as much as those 3 powerhouses and that the pumpers on CNBC are criminals.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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