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  • monkey449 monkey449 Jan 24, 2013 10:55 AM Flag

    No innovation? How is Samsung innovating? Copying Apple and changing sizes. WOW!!!

    Makes me laugh

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    • so just because u don't believe Samsung is innovative, does that mean therefore apple is innovating? are u that dense?

    • galaxy note 2, htc dna, sony xperia z = iphone9

    • You may laugh yourself into the poor house. As a long time iPhone user...I switched. I wanted the bigger screen. I WANTED IT, not Jobs, not Cook, ME! I had no choice but to use the elongated 5 or the plethora of other devices running Android with nicer sized screens. Cook just reiterated the reason behind the 5 screen dimensions. Schmuck. That type of answer will lose Apple market share. It has started. It will continue. Macs not selling? Why? Ives' obsession with thinness has created non-upgradeable laptops and iMacs with high prices and little more to show for it than thin machines with high rez screens. Enough to pay a the many $ premium? Apparently not. iPhone was invented 6 years ago. Time to saddle up the thinking machine and ride in on another ground breaker...without obsessing over screw types, bezel dimensions, you know, the minutia that means little when the overall form factor is....questionable. The lead Apple had has evaporated. Android 4.2 is a good system with a considerable amount of flexibility when compared to iOS6. Handset makers are all making fast devices with nice screens and high resolution, higher than the iPhone in some cases. Cameras are improving for all cameras. The difference between the best and very good has diminished, as it has with most mature technology. Price is becoming a factor in purchasing decisions as the technologies struggle to differentiate from each other. Apple is NOT a company that will invent the next technology. Instead they rethink and innovate a way to IMPLEMENT this new technology. There is a difference. It is a large one as it implies a delay from new invention to mature and successful implementation. Apple will also INTENTIONALLY delay the advance of new features to stretch out earnings growth and space their new user adoptions. This is a good approach in a leadership position, but when in a mature market of new products being released in short cycles, this strategy puts a company behind the competition. GLTY

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      • I appreciate that response. That is the type of exchange of thoughts and ideas that can be valuable. There is certainly a market for larger phones and cheaper phones. I think apple needs to address it in some fashion and Cook needs to take a more mysterious approach to it than what he did in the CC like Jobs used to. As far as the fad of larger and larger phones, I think it is just that, a fad. I saw a woman at starbucks with Samsung Note against her head and she looked absolutely ridiculous. My 3 kids asked me why she had an iPad on her face to talk? The pendulum always swings too far and the phone size is an example of that in my opinion. Good luck to you as well.

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    • What are you laughing about little boy? Samsung will be here long after you are dead and buried 6-feet underground. Just let them know your grave site address so they can #$%$ on it.

    • Man, that's business..You can't grow emotional attachment for anything in financial world. Apple's achievement has been rewarded last september with the share price of 700.. Stock is priced based on FUTURE, not PAST...If you don't understand this, stay away from it.

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    • They want apple to show the cards..we are not that stupid..

    • Copying APPLE? Get real. Samsung Galaxy Slll may have rounded edges like the iPhone but that is where the similarities end. Android is opened source and far better than Apple's iOS which is closed source. People like FREEDOM and don't like having to use itunes and all that other garbage. The Samsung Galaxy Slll is 10 light years ahead of that out dated iPhone 5 aka as iPhone 4S, aka iPhone 4, aka iPhone 3GS, aka iPhone 3. Apple can change the design of their #$%$ iPhone line but they can't change the fact that iOS is outdated and played out. The only thing that saved the iPhone is "SIRI"

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    • Samsung is a Chevy.

    • Samsung has a smart TV and Apple doesn't, what a shame.

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