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  • coffeebook1 coffeebook1 Jan 24, 2013 6:08 PM Flag

    I need serious help... please help..... I'm truthfully speaking here so I please be kind.

    I need serious help. I used my savings for buying apple and I have been screwed. I know the mistakes that I made and I am just trying to make it until it goes back up. I should have hedged before the earnings and I did not.
    Please do not make any smart comments because I am having panick attacks and have lack of appetite/ worrying constantly. I want to sell my home just to recoup the losses. I know it's not the best way out, but I'm trying to be patient.
    I really thought about ending my life if aaple never recoups back to high $500/ $600 level. So please be kind.

    So this is my position long 170 shares at $575. I have margined about 70 shares.
    I calculated today that I have enough excess in my account to weather it out if it reaches $425.
    At around $415, I will have to liquidate to cover any margin calls.

    I also have 4 contracts of buy call Feb 16th 500 strike price- cost is around $25/ contract.... which is worth today at $1.75/ contract.

    My problem is.... I really really really need it to go back up to at least $600 level to break even ( Keep in mind that I am extremely down on my option contract).

    So in your HONEST opinion, do you think aaple will never ever ever get back to that $575 by middle or end of the year ?
    Or am I really screwed ?

    By Feb 16th, will it at least get back to $500 so I can at least close out my options without a 99% loss ?
    I would like to close it out at min of $15/ contract.

    Is this too much to ask for ?


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    • aea_2gt Feb 26, 2013 2:57 PM Flag

      This was the FUZZman getting you all worked up here..

    • It will go up past $600 and is on its way. Up $45 in last week and continuing up. With only good catalysts coming it will only go up higher from here. The downside risk is almost nothing as we had a double bottom with extremely strong support. I am holding over $150,000 and am long. I truly believe it will reach new highs this year after we find out the china deal details, the India market efforts details, the TV and Watch technology and other new products. Its the top rated stock at Barrons and other top companies as the number 1 stock to own in 2013. At this point the pain is over and the ride up will be fun. Haven't you already felt the difference over the past week. Its heading up slow - nut thats ok. Once the catalysts happen we will head up substantially. Look at the targets almost all are above $600 even from bears on aapl. Hold through the end of the year. AAPL does this all the time and then reaches new highs. Its gone down more poercentages in the past just to reach new highs...Hang in there!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • First of all don't go to this board for help. There are some very mean people on here. Aapl has broke out of its down trend.
      We have seen the lows for the stock, I believe. There may be more down days but it most certainly is in an uptrend and has broke out of its down trend. Go to stockwits and look up some of what the chartists are saying. Goldman and a variety of firms have upgraded Apple. No one can tell you where the stock price will be in the future. There are many good sites to look at. Don't panic. Even though many here want to put you down, we have all made terrible money mistakes. Take care of yourself as your distressed. Good luck to you, pray helps.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Don't miss to sell this time, never fall in love with a stock again and don't believe all the pumping fund manager, who just want to sell high. Don't be a muppet.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • hope you held and hold to 630's

    • Don't miss to sell this time, because next dwonmove will be to $250, imo.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • 1 Reply to sh0rtmimi
      • SHUT UP you #$%$. I lost 7 figures in the crash of 2000...And your asking people to pity you sorry #$%$ cause you're gambling and playing options..And you really really need it to go back to 600. The stock market and the stock dont owe you anything and you're asking a favor of it..Go pray to some stupid religious idol like most other imbeciles do..Maybe it'll come and save the day, like so many of them believe

    • You should limit your future investments to the S&P500 Index. Otherwise you are fated to lose money investing in stocks.

    • I cant tell you and can't force you what to do you have to decide what is ok for you.
      This is whati did.
      I got AAPL $ 600 and over.
      I lost alot.Got margin calls.
      Sold all my AAPL.
      Payed my margins.
      Money left in my account.
      Then got AAPL 2015 leap call options at different srikes.And very small put options in case if something goes totally wrong on economy. Holding 100 call contracts at different strikes.And 20 put contract.They are cheap now.I am hoping now that i can bring my loss back.
      You must know how to do options.If you don't know ask someone.You must know well.
      What i do now is a gamble.But this is the only way to bring my loss back and plus more.If AAPL goes back to &700 this year i will make my money tripple.If AAPL goes over $1000 i will make 10 time more.
      I have 2 years to wait.And i will.
      Hope this help.
      Good luck

    • Like Warren Buffet should NEVER own a stock unless you can stomach and sit through a 50% haircut!

      Another lesson...Don't ever buy anything on Margin!!!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • 2nd mistake is asking a message board. LOL

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