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  • monkey449 monkey449 Jan 25, 2013 11:05 AM Flag

    Now cash is bad? LOL

    Keep the nonsense coming folks. Give me the talking heads spin of they need to put it to work, blah, blah, blah. I would much rather be gaining market share at a loss, right? NFLX has got it all together all of a sudden.

    Maybe it is difficult for many including the analysts to grasp the magnitude of AAPL's success, maybe that's it. $13B in profit in a QUARTER? Can they not comprehend the enormity of that? Even if that were halved or cut by 3/4, the company is killing it. And, please tell me what those employees and the billions of dollars in R&D are doing every day? You really believe the answer is nothing? Come on people. This is beyond stupid. Cash is bad? I cannot describe how stupid that is. The analysts saying that have lost their minds.

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    • Cash is good UNLESS management does not know how to allocate it to get a return. Right now 1% treasuries on average and losing 3% per year to inflation for net 2% loss per year. That is not good capital allocation. With no clue how to use funds why not give to shareholders? Because they don't care about shareholders, they made this clear on conference call.

      So cash "can" be good unless shareholders realize they will never get it. Apple eps in decline and margins under pressure for late 2013 and more pressure '14 and beyond. Apple TV not happening. Jobs could get a deal done with content companies. Cook cannot. Therefore no catalyst other than a larger iphone that cook said on the conference call they are not doing. So either he is lying or he actually is obtuse. He no longer gets the benefit of the doubt.

      You'll never see the cash. 10.60/yr apple loses in stock price every day. it would take 10 years to make up 100 bucks. in 10 years that cash won't be there.

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