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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker Jan 25, 2013 12:10 PM Flag

    LISTEN TO LAZLO (best guest ever on FM)

    cool hand lazlo is telling you... playback his CMG comments (a stock WAY overvalued on his framework for the last two years) and compare to AAPL.

    I hope they ask him what he thinks about aapl -- and it will be good to see him put it on the "Top 50" list because of the screaming fundamental value vs the tape.

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    • His comments were made on Friday.

    • they asked Lazlo what he thought... In summary, he said he has loved the story since 2003 (same as us), owned it the entire time, and that it is too cheap on fundamentals and quant basis. EXACTLY the kind of story Lazlo has made his name and fortune on!

      He was grinning about it... remember that Lazlo is brilliant and has as many pro clients as anyone we know on the street.

      Rhetorical question: If the selling was already "exhausted" in DeMark's framework (until they surprised everyone with the March guidance revelations that are only now being digested to reasonable levels) and now only the wild turkey shorts are yelling fire in the theater while the retail longs and pm too are all walking around with their heads hung low, who will be the next seller once the pro money pulls all the short hedges and get back to pummeling longs?

      This is very close to all the cliche "blood in the streets" , "buy when people are fearful", "the crowd is always wrong" level as even Cortez (FM clown who said to short AAPL from $230 all the way up until mid $600s where they dropped him out of the show likely due to so much aapl hate mail LOL) nows thinks sentiment is so bad it is time to buy again.

      So here we are at almost exactly the opposite end of the spectrum where, at $700, EVERYONE thought AAPL stock had to be owned... within days of reversal now anyway.

    • again, you guys buying weekly exp calls and using stops are making this a turkey shoot for the shorts.

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