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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 25, 2013 7:40 PM Flag

    I lost a lot of money but sold at 450 --- Need some advice!

    I bought apple at 683.00 when the charts clearly showed to buy and I was planning on selling above 700 (when ever there was a sell sign). However, I decided that apple has being going up for so long, I might as well be long... After many price points, ($600, $500 and now $450) I decided to be long still (and now sell) because I though the financials were so good I would be stupid to sell (as many of the so called "analysts" agreed ) . But after yesterdays 12% decline, I could not stand the stress any more and sold this morning at $450.... I'm $3200 in the hole (which is a lot of money to me) and I need some advice.... Please, I don't need any insulting commentary, I have been hard enough on myself as it is.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • I sympathize with your position. Yes, all signs indicate a continuing pull back in AAPL for the near future. May I suggest taking a calculated tax loss now, waiting the 30 days necessary, and repurchasing the same number, or more; shares of AAPL that you sold for a 2013' tax loss, against any future short term 2013' profits. This has worked for me in the past. IF by some event AAPL appreciates in price in 30 days, use the AAPL proceeds to buy another depressed issue, you still have the tax write off for tax years 2013' and forward. Best wishes.

    • some times you have to ask yourself before you hit the sell button if the company is stil worth investing in and decide to hit the buy button instead. You could have brought your avg cost down substantially and waited for long term results. I do my best when I stop looking at the market and the stocks that I own. I also don't put more than I am willing to completely lose in any one stock. I am a new shareholder to aapl and I can tell you that aapl is going higher. Next week? Next month? Next Year? I don't know. My guess is we will be above $500 soon but I dont plan on selling unless the business changes. If the price goes to $400 I will buy more. That is how I think everyone should invest when you are talking about a quality company.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Very hard to give a idiot advice.Why in the world did you sell.I bought at 674.I have owned apple for 17 years.You never panic.If you are a long term investor and you believe in the company it will come back as it always has.It might take a year but when they sign china mobile the stock will rebound huge.My advice to you is do not play the stock market and that you can take to the bank.

    • 3200???? I just lost 15K and the rest of my stock with a margin call on Monday. That should make you feel better.

    • your an idiot...put your money under your mattress and stay out of the market

    • If yourself as a lot of other people are waiting for a sign this freefall is over, wait for a sign. Right now, AAPL has not lost direction, which is obviously down. Watch the open on Monday. Even if AAPL gaps up, (open higher than 439.88) be careful not to be surprised and buythe open as it may not be a short term bullish sign. Patience is going to be key early next week. Now, same higher open than Friday's close Monday. Wait it out, watch the action. If AAPL dips below Friday's close, (even 10-15 bucks) wait it out. Do not buy. However, if AAPL does make that big dip-trip, and manages to close above Friday's close, (still wait it out for Tuesday's action). This could be a sign of capitulation, but it hasn't been confirmed until Tuesday is watched. On Tuesday, if AAPL gaps up, above Monday's close, buy at the open- watch pre-market.

      You need confirmation, that this downtrend is over, and it will take Monday's action and Tusday's action to confirm.

      I know what you are thinking, if AAPL gaps down and goes lower 10-15 bucks Monday, I'm buying. Why? It may go another 10-15 lower Tuesday. Wait for confirmation of trend reversal and that really won't occur until Tuesday, at the earliest.


    • directly_heated_triode directly_heated_triode Jan 26, 2013 11:04 AM Flag

      My advice: stop trying to figure out what the "charts" say. Technical analysis is a crock - and I think that you made a mistake to sell at 450, it won't be long until the margin calls stop the downward pressure on the stock.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • cut your losses i only held this POS for a few days and lost 4 K. lesson learned never bet on earnings and never trade without a stop in place

    • Haha, you have 10 shares and you are pretty much poor. Get a life and stop wasting your time with this garbage.

    • Seriously, I''ve seen this too much lately. Big players manufacturing panic selloffs just in time for a huge bounce.
      Apple has lost a bit of its luster but it's not the end of the world for them. This ain't HP, and no company in the world has a better balance sheet.
      Considering how ridiculously overvalued the S&P is, this truly smells of rotten fish.
      If it falls even more try to distinguish b/t fundamentals and price action, and consider buying back in pieces.
      Remember Wall St. does not care for your well being, they trade on insider info non-stop, and someone is buying a lot of shares (or covering their shorts) in this downphase.

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