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  • laylow1991 laylow1991 Jan 25, 2013 8:54 PM Flag

    You don't need to agree or disagree with me regarding AAPL and NFLX

    NFLX had a massive amount of shorts, who got their butt creamed and had to cover. The stock went through the roof.
    The shorts will be back with a vengence. Give it time. Although I think it will go higher for some time. I'm not in it.

    APPL on the other hand has experienced a great deal of traders who were weak holders and decided through a great deal of publicity they needed to get out.

    The short positions in APPL was too small to cause this down turn. It was holders of AAPL who thought Cook could not do what Jobs has done in the past and decided to bail out.

    Jobs and Cook were peas in a pod. Jobs gave Cook the control of AAPL because he felt Cook could continue his lagacy.
    AAPL will continue to do what Jobs has envisioned. Don't control our company for stock prices. Keep your poker hand close to your heart and the hell with stock manipulators.
    Cook will see to it and is following Jobs inovations and future for Jobs beloved company.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • nice post man

    • Laylow, about NFLX the last two days. I like to jump on short squeezes on the morning after a surprise report. I did so for CRM and GMCR about 2 months ago. But I have always done this by buying actual shares. I'm starting to think that purchasing calls on the big squeeze makes more sense . Is that a strategy you would use? For example I was looking at the Feb 16 $155 Call for NFLX yesterday when it was $3.15 to $3.50
      But I didn't buy but look what I missed out on

      • 1 Reply to zbc407
      • I'm sorry but you are talking to the wrong guy when it comes to calls and shorts. I only invest in the shares I believe in.
        I never play around with puts and calls.
        If you believe in a stock and do the DD and it turns out to be a good investment, then you buy the stock.
        If things change to the negative, then you sell it.
        I never get emotionaly attached to a particular stock.
        If it doesn't perform then I'm out of it.
        As far as APPL is concerned, I've been a long term holder.
        Yes I have lost a few bucks but I believe in Jobs and Cook.
        I love their products and inovations for the future.
        Good luck on your investments!!

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