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  • insttrader2 insttrader2 Jan 26, 2013 2:34 PM Flag

    Let me help you sheep

    Look back at my posts about 2 months ago when I said AAPL was going to 425. I said the stores were showing slow traffic, there was no innovation and SIRI and Maps were symptomatic of the problem. Whtat I said was there was just too much enthusiasm for the stock. It was just like FB when it went public. When FB starting going down everyone was screaming it was a fad, they can't monetize mobile, the same is now true for Apple. News follow stocks action not the other way around. All the shills on CBBC are now screaming about Apple being a has been, no innovation,samsung eating their lunch. Where were they at 700? So now is the time to leg in. 425 will be the place you want to get long and it will rally hard. I see a new trading range 425 to 500 that should be enough for you dummies to make your money back.

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    • Let me help you point out where you are wrong. The stores actually did not have slowing traffic. Apple had the best quarter ever--more people were in Apple stores than ever before. The reason no one believed you is it wasn't true.
      If you want to talk about slowing growth that is a whole other story.

      The stock is down, but not for the reasons you so "prophetically" warned of. You're just as much as wrong as the people you're warning.

    • So insttrader2, let's give you some credit. What do you like now? Name a big, middle-sized, and small cap that you like. Not just what you think is too high. Thanks for your thoughts.

    • I agree. 425 to 500 will be the next trading range and move upwards.

    • Reading past the third line of that was like chewing on cat litter. But I did it anyway.

      No innovation? Slow store traffic? Those are the comments of one with no information and dead wrong. AAPL has now done a S job articulating a simple point to the analysts: FY street for making us look bad when we are kicking butt on innovation, new product rollouts to new markets, opening up new LTE carriers around the world (study the 36 new carriers opened last week alone), all new product line up and new os, aapl stores packed and setting sales records, and iCloud customers rising from ~150m last year to over 250m this year...

      Faceplant, Fakebook... call it what you want, has rallied almost 100% from the lows 7 weeks ago despite what is fairly remarkable loss of active users in recent months. Yet now, after collapsing some 60% from the ipo price a few months ago, and on the hopeful promises of "monetizing mobile" by a goofy looking, freckle faced, second rate programmer gifted some gadzillions because of his theft of others ideas, Fakebook is suddenly back in favor (fervor?)?

      I'm not saying AAPL will rally like that, but it certainly would be fundamentally and quatitatively supported -- just ask Lazlo Biryni. It is also very possible it jumps on the 3 phones coming starting in June news bubbling from the China Times today... they tend not to make up things like that if you have studied their record.

    • staceyburke854 Jan 26, 2013 2:44 PM Flag

      suckle on my man nog

    • theytookallthegoodloginnames theytookallthegoodloginnames Jan 26, 2013 2:42 PM Flag

      LOL, I can dig out a lot more of those exactly same type of "short" postings that were WRONG in the last 10 years. You shorts were only right(luckily) the last few months out of the last 10 years. I wouldn't exactly crow about that.
      But I guess after getting beaten up for the last 10 years, you have to try to get back at the longs. LOL.

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